In the football players, the abdominal musculatura already is sufficiently requested in some movements: in the cabeceio, you dribble in them and the race, if beyond this request, a retraction of the squio-tibial musculatura will be added, its participation if it becomes extreme in the attempt to raise the pbico branch of the leg of the kick, what it allows a bigger amplitude in the movement of flexo of the hip. The treatment of the pubalgia is characterized for drawn out time, being the rest of basic importance. The used alternatives of treatment are: treatment surgical conservative and/or. The first one is based on the Fisioterapia, use of anti-inflammatory hormonais and no-hormonais, sistmicos or places, beyond infiltrations of corticides. The fisioterapia possesss an important paper, not only in the process of treatment and whitewashing of the athlete, but also in the implementation of writs of prevention, searching to identify the predisponent factors of risk, thus diminishing, the susceptibility of the athlete the injuries. The surgical intervention is indicated for the withdrawal of the fabric fibrtico, formed for the exaggerated tension, and the excess of request of the abdominal musculatura..