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Prime Brazilian

‘ In interview, Edson (apud Estado, 2004, web page) it demonstrates that this separation Skin – Edson Arantes is real: ‘ ‘ He is a compact one of two hours and little. (on the film) It not only makes a good summary of my career as of my life. The film rescues what the Skin represented for the Country, perhaps and without it the generations youngest would not have idea. I find that this is most important. But my life still is full of mistrios.’ ‘ It also proves that the film does not treat on its person (Edson Arantes), defects and qualities human beings, the film deals with only what the young generation did not see or lived? the soccer of Skin. Giving to understand that of its life, nobody never goes to know. In the life of Edson Arantes of the Birth the celebrificao process if gave first in periodicals (that we consider the media that more explored the image of Skin, as well as helped to construct it): ‘ ‘ The ubiguidade of the culture printed increased the representation of ideas, reputations and images of figures pblicas.’

114). After this we had the radio, the television, the cinema and finally, the transformation of Skin in mark: ‘ ‘ Three decades after Skin having hung the chuteiras, now its name can be immortalized as one of the more important marks of consumption of mundo’ ‘ The mark Skin was vendida by craque in 2005 to the Prime Brazilian for a value until today kept in secrecy absoluto.’ ‘ (BARROS, without date, P. 79) This celebrificao if gave as it demonstrated immense dexterity and ability in the soccer. Since small it generated applause and compliments of the journalists, for example this stretch where the boy Skin with more or less 10 years of age already is very praised: ‘ ‘ Authentic it placed in foot, ovacionando with the conquest of five gorgeous tentos, that had satisfied still more for the magnificent form as they had been confectioned.


The coach with extensive knowledge and no experience of "parties" is not a trainer and coach full-year veteran bench that limits their knowledge to what he learned in his first year as coach, a coach is limited that turns its back on progress. 3 – Personality: Each coach has his way of being but it must take a series of personal qualities for the post occupied and generally are those of someone who must lead a group, however in this article I would like to emphasize in three fundamental qualities without necessarily want to leave out others that are of vital importance: Empathy, Charisma and credibility. Empathy: The ability to live in their own flesh what another person feels, to share their feelings, ie to put in place. In the case of football coach you possess this quality will serve to gain a better understanding of the behavior of their players and thus their level of understanding with them is going to be much higher and at certain times you can always help in a more effective to solve problems that may arise. Charisma: The ability that some people have to influence others.

If the coach is his ability to motivate the group both individually and collectively. It is a quality that can exercise some "magnetism" of the equipment or focusing on the admiration of the figure of the person who runs it, which no doubt is extremely positive in the face of mental preparation ahead of the competition. Credibility: The players have to "believe in their coach.

Growing your Business

Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task. There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.

Essential Furniture

The tables have become a common part of our lives, that we can hardly imagine how we could live without them. However, when it is made of wood, a table is no longer more a simple table, it becomes a work of art. A wooden table is elegant, sophisticated and is even more appreciated as essential furniture. What is a wooden table? A wooden table is a one hand top composed of Cabinet and legs, all made of wood. The tables are used to eating, as a place to put lamps and display ornaments and all kinds of personal work. Design of a table most people conceive a wooden table as a rectangular table with four legs, but now the tables are manufactured in all kinds of shapes. Their surfaces can be square, round, oval, triangular, hexagonal (six sides) and even octagonal (eight sides) as well as tables with strange forms. The tables can be supported on a pedestal only in the Center or in any number of legs, from three to six or more, depending on the the size of the tabletop.

Surfaces may be smooth or can be decorated with designs on Park, a type of woodworking that involves the use of small pieces of wood to create a drawing or design. The design of a table depends on the end use. For example, the consoles may have only two legs to the front, so it must be fastened to the wall. Half circle or Crescent consoles are very popular. They can be simple and modern, with a streamlined style or they may have complex carvings and embedded designs. On the other hand, the dining tables come in many forms, the most popular being the rectangular, square or round. A wooden dining table size is determined by the size of the dining room and the number of people who sit to eat.