Ipod running a mobile phones Linux kernel.
You can install the Linux kernel on any cellular phones device or machine portability, such as a wireless phones cell phone or a handheld computer, as long as the kernel to compile the needs of that cellular phone plans device. plans The concept is not entirely applicable to laptops, although Linux can be installed there too. Although Linus Torvalds did not originally ideo Linux as a portable system, has candy bar phone evolved Motorola in that direction. FCC is likely to agree. Linux is now in fact, one with every plan of the cores of most widely ported slider phone operating system, and runs on many different systems ranging HTC from you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans iPAQ (a handheld) to a zSeries (mainframe cellular phones a massive, very expensive). free phones This Nokia is planned that the Linux operating system core of the new IBM supercomputers, cellular providers Blue Gene when development is completed.
Still, it LG is important to wireless providers note that efforts Torvalds also directed to a different type of portability. In his view, portability is cell phones the ability to easily compile an application in the cellular coverage most diverse sources, hence cell phones the original Linux all the plans include popularity was partly due to Samsung the little effort needed to operate the favorite applications of all, whether GPL or open source..