We must make sure that the linings, seams, pockets, buttons, grommets and others elements, are well sewn and sold at auctions. In this way you will avoid having that return the garment or having to retouch it in house notes with warning labels, which will tell you which is care and how to clean the garment and buy one that fits your desires. It is essential that garments are easy maintenance and conservation purchase, first and foremost, a dress with lines and shapes classic and simple, this allows you keep these garments for several seasons, thus extending your Cabinet bottom give you some items of today with shapes, makings, colours and design of each season, some them can also be use some seasons or retrieve them after a while if you do not regularly attend acts of Grand gala or labelYou can choose to rent them; Today there are companies specialized in the rental of these kinds of items, allowing you to go correctly and with the latest trends. I hope that these tips will facilitate you the task to choose garments that will make up your wardrobe (wardrobe Fund), although This is not just the tip of the iceberg. Dress elegantly is more an art than a science, but if you’re really interested or interested in discovering widely: how to prepare a proper Cabinet bottom that allows you to have on hand what you need for each occasion. How to choose garment correct for the appropriate time how to combine colors to subtly highlight without attracting attention and a hundred details, tricks and ideas for project a proper image, both in business environments, and in your social life, in very, very few days, I will be able to place in your hands something, you were expecting for some time and you will finally see the light, in a few days more but do not want to pre-empt events, by what remains very aware of your post, since I’m going to send you all the details very soon so far near, I wish successes in your day to day..