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Columbia University

The women with overweight or who suffer of hypertension before to be pregnant they have a higher risk of pre-eclampsia. The equipment of Paltiel – that includes subjects in the Registry of Cancer of Israel, the School University Yeshiva Einstein de Medicina, and Columbia University – the subsequent incidence of the cancer between 37,033 women compared whom they had given to light in three great hospitals in Jerusalem between 1964 and 1976. Ninety and nine percent of the women were Jewish. The cancer became probable in 91 women who had pre-eclampsia and 2.204 no. The women who had suffered of preeclampsia seemed to generally have an increasing risk around a 30 percent of cancer, compared with the women who had not developed the picture during the pregnancy. The risk of chest cancer was almost a 40 higher percent.

Nevertheless, Paltiel noticed that the women did not have to take by the panic with the results. " She would emphasize that although the findings are statistically significant, the risk is small and the women do not have to be alarmed by resultados" , she said. The data base was the dream of an investigator made reality – the Study Perinatal Jerusalem compiled information of almost 40,000 Israeli women whom they gave to light more than 90,000 babies in the hospitals of Jerusalem between 1964 and 1976. Between 1998-2002, the project included to 98% of the descendants (of average of age of 30 years) and 94% of its mothers and related to the Census of the Population of Israel and its Registry of Cancer. The average age of pursuit to check to the women was of 29 years. " The special thing of this study is the unique thing of the control population. People had the forecast in years 60 and 70 systematically to examine each woman whom she gave to light.


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Gonzos Quest

The game of tragamonedas without Gonzo&quot unloading; s Quest is a game of tragamonedas in unique video, since it does not count on a revolving roulette. This game of tragamonedas and free online is consists of 20 lines of bet, 3 rows and 5 roulettes of game. This game of tragamonedas free also counts on characteristics like jokers, and the rounds of free fall and avalanche. These characteristics do of this even more exciting game of tragamonedas. In addition, 5 levels of bet in this game of tragamonedas exist online and without unloading and the symbol of the key provides access to the section with adjustments of the game, where the effects of sound of the game in himself can be fit, as well as the sounds basic and the animations. Doug Band is open to suggestions. Also access to the history of the game of tragamonedas Gonzo&quot can be had; s Quest to know a little more about him. And if a way simpler is desired one more to play Gonzo" s Quest, then is enough with pressing the option of Autoplay and the game of tragamonedas online will begin automatically. Read more here: Federal Reserve Bank.

Nevertheless, this option of game automatic it will have manually to be stopped if a round of free fall gains, if a prize gains in cash or if it drastically increases or it reduces the amount of money in the account of the player. Rules To play the Game of Tragamonedas, Free Online Gonzo" s Quest When the button is pressed To play in the game of tragamonedas online Gonzo" s Quest, the game begins with the value of currency and at the predetermined level of bet. But he is that elije the option of Maxima Bet, then the game of tragamonedas with the maximum value of predetermined currency will be able to be played. In addition, when east game of tragamonedas gambles, it is necessary to remember that the bet amount will only be pleased to the greater level of bet, as is established in this game of tragamonedas online and without unloading.