By the way, it assumed, at some moments, a pedagogical naivety, hearing, many times, the critical ones to its activities, as being responsible for the pertaining to school spalling, as not deciding all the conflicts that the proper school it did not give account of resolver' '. Practical its was very criticized and in many schools this service left to exist exactly appearing in LDBs older as a specific legislation, implementing the Educational Orientation, its attributes and formation. The extinguishing of the position of the Educational Orientation is happening at this moment in many cities, in some Brazilian states, as it is the case of the city of Saint Maria, in the Rio Grande Do Sul, that in its plan of career alone foresees the professor position. Being the agreement of that position is what it is completed through public competition. As the competition for Educational Person who orientates it is not foreseen in the plan of career of the related city, this position is in extinguishing. Who assumes this function in the school will have formation in the area due to the previous legislaes to explicitarem well this question. We are living, accurately at this moment, Saint Maria/RS, the crisis on the performance of the Orientation Educational in the school and the regulation of the function. To nullify doubts and to reflect on the action, we raise the following questions: It is a necessary function? Who can act in it? Which its field of performance? What the Educational Orientation makes in the school? Which its horria load of work? The legal aspect of the formation of the educational person who orientates and its plan of career, the fact of, at this moment to be completing a circle of quarrels, next to Secretariat of Education of the City of Maria/RS Saint, for the regulation of this function, the fact of in this city not having the position of Educational Person who orientates more, therefore do not have in the ordinances and the plan of career the forecast of public competition for this position and, as consequence, its performance in the school is made it difficult for still not having a more specific regulation; the necessity to prove formation in this area to assume this function inside of the school, as well as the requirement of alicerada practical one in based and well compromised theories with the ethics, the construction of the citizenship and the dialogue it enters all the sectors of the pertaining to school community, come back toward the development of the pupil, in way to guarantee the space of performance of this professional in the school, became the object of this study.