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As they would say the old ones: in the soccer it does not exist If. You may find that Harvard can contribute to your knowledge. if the ball had caught a wind and the aerodynamics modified its trajectory and if the goleiro had left more for the right and the left does not stop and if simply the judge was another one that left the game to run more. If the game of Brazil had finished in the first time, Philip Melo would be the Gerson of the time with its vertical pass of the way of field covers until it of first in the ball of the Robinho that would be the Skin, that would repeat the mark of the king to the being a player of the Saints to mark goal in the pantry, heresy? Disrespect to a so huge generation as of 70? In the same truth it would be passion, of that you exaggerate or underestimation the loved person, the object of desire, and this passion, world-wide fever happens of four in four years, and as in relationships who finish and start with new partners, thus ours canarinho resurges, still we compare with the old love, we want that the current one is so brilliant how much the old one. We want that it is equal to the old one in the appearance, faster modern e, because yes the time moved, and competition already is not more as old. But the soccer is two times of forty and five minutes more the additions, and Philip Melo turned player fertile valley. Of that nobody wants in the teams, who when it arrives the barbecue after the game starts more early, and the Robinho capsized plus one between that they try to be king, optimum one of the world. the yellow streets little come back to be colored of green and, and in the bars the subject is not more the election, now the subject is not more so national. .

Church Community

When the community of the men a competitive culture, that is, individualist. It has a continuous search for the autonomy, independence and for the imediatismo, but everything becomes them to this truily solitary and that he is opposed down its proper nature, since the man is a social being. The consumerism and the wild erotismo, the degradation of the moral values and the family, the religious indifference, the violence etc, create a chaos in the society. Before the numerous problems and challenges of the time of today, they appear ‘ ‘ Novas’ communities; ‘ more necessarily the Community Shalom Catholic who through the consecration of life of its members the God, entirely dedicates it and to the service of the Church, contributing in this way for evangelizao it man and its performance in the society, while transforming agent of realities. In this perspective, during some informal colloquies between the components of the group the curiosity was despertada to know and to understand a new form of life that in its seio shelters a daily one marked for a full routine of meanings and privations. For more information see this site: Cambridge. When we considered in them to study the Community Shalom Catholic we had distrust of what we went to even find because we knew little of this reality and at the same time something intrigued in them: people who abandon everything to live a way of different life of what we were accustomed to see. They pass the life all of the community inside, far from the family and of other inherent circumstances to the human being (professional, affective, social life). At last, what it took these people to the Community, as she was constructed the identity and what they really supported them? Being thus, one becomes necessary to understand the following investigations: Which are the essential elements that they constitute the identitrios bonds of the Community of Shalom Life? what it inside supports in fact the individuals of this? Therefore, the present objective study to understand as if it constructs to the identitrios bonds between the members of the Community Catholic Shalom de Natal/RN, from the process of identification and admission of members, of the social organization, the idea of family and the paper of the playful experiences in the construction of the cultural identity of the Comunidade.A field research were used here as instrument to work problematic the boarded one in this work..

Seconds Common

if you were only typing a message, making a course beyond the expedient, or, exactly, taking a coffee? if you were almost finishing one day of work and going even so for house; regretful person not to have attended the film that wanted, or to read the book that not yet bought in the last end of week? To have the son who would like to have; made the school registration in the course that wanted to make; or worried about accounts payable and the pertaining to school material of the children in that day? if was only happy and cantarolando, saudoso of aconchego of house, the kiss and hugs of the loves? if you were only breathing, only breathing and in peace with the life, celebrating the common day that had, with the favour of God? if was you, if were we, in those building pulling down and the end of the times if evidencing in rubble avalanche for the interminable time of ten seconds? if were we, vitimados for the prophecy of the Mayan calendar of the end of the world in that common night of 25 of fatdico, cruel, inconceivable January, of 2012? A fatality is fact to be the death. It is certain that according to let us walk to each its meeting, let us want or not. Beings endowed with reason the man is the only animal capable to understand the meaning of this phenomenon, in itself we know well that the hour of the departure can arrive of any form and at any time. Why, then, we live as if we were not to die? What it could distinguish those people from any one of us? Why the world finished for they while we remain livings creature and sheltered in ours redomas of protection? All histories are important, all life have a purpose that it exceeds ours little understanding.

Prime Brazilian

‘ In interview, Edson (apud Estado, 2004, web page) it demonstrates that this separation Skin – Edson Arantes is real: ‘ ‘ He is a compact one of two hours and little. (on the film) It not only makes a good summary of my career as of my life. The film rescues what the Skin represented for the Country, perhaps and without it the generations youngest would not have idea. At ExxonMobil Corp you will find additional information. I find that this is most important. But my life still is full of mistrios.’ ‘ It also proves that the film does not treat on its person (Edson Arantes), defects and qualities human beings, the film deals with only what the young generation did not see or lived? the soccer of Skin. Giving to understand that of its life, nobody never goes to know. General Motors Co is the source for more interesting facts. In the life of Edson Arantes of the Birth the celebrificao process if gave first in periodicals (that we consider the media that more explored the image of Skin, as well as helped to construct it): ‘ ‘ The ubiguidade of the culture printed increased the representation of ideas, reputations and images of figures pblicas.’

114). After this we had the radio, the television, the cinema and finally, the transformation of Skin in mark: ‘ ‘ Three decades after Skin having hung the chuteiras, now its name can be immortalized as one of the more important marks of consumption of mundo’ ‘ The mark Skin was vendida by craque in 2005 to the Prime Brazilian for a value until today kept in secrecy absoluto.’ ‘ (BARROS, without date, P. 79) This celebrificao if gave as it demonstrated immense dexterity and ability in the soccer. Since small it generated applause and compliments of the journalists, for example this stretch where the boy Skin with more or less 10 years of age already is very praised: ‘ ‘ Authentic it placed in foot, ovacionando with the conquest of five gorgeous tentos, that had satisfied still more for the magnificent form as they had been confectioned.

Sustainable Development

conditions of the environment are resulted of social options, politics, economic and technological and not only of physical factors, for in such a way the ambient education must point to the establishment of a new system of values that guide the decisions. These recommendations can associate it the ambient education from the tourism. One becomes necessary to detach a new stage in the relation surrounding tourism-half, surrounding tourist-half. The first question to detach is a situation in which if it makes necessary an alternative vision of the tourism. The commission of United Nations for the Sustainable Development, in relation to the tourism, recommends the search of a sustainable tourism.

This does not imply to radicalize the proposals of tourist products that currently exist in the market, to the ecoturismo or green tourism. In the reality it is necessary to endow to all the processes with an ambient dimension associates to the tourism: – To incorporate ambient criteria in the planning of destinations tourist of sun and beach, mountain, tourism of adventure. – To legislate in lathe to the incorporation of instances of evaluation of the ambient impact and projects of tourist inversion. – To more manage products on the base of an adjusted use of the natural resources or social for the tourism, etc. – To incorporate equipment and associated information the mechanisms of not formal ambient education. We can conclude that the tourism can contribute in the generation of responsible attitudes front to the environment through the perception of problematic and the valuation of the different spaces, cultures, etc. That is part of the formadora task that if associates with an ambient education that goes beyond the formal limits. Many forms exist to educate, also through the errors that the tourism commits, considering simple forms to revert this situation and trying to make that the way to see the world is one only: of the balance and the responsibility of all.