BORA BAHEA! Bora Baa! This is the twisted shout of the most masochistic one than it exists That it feels pleasure in being sad. Exactly without many conquests, to each day the members twist more Making a deafening racket Have one that if calls BAMOR, another one, CLAW TRICOLOR and still TERROR TRICOLOR and LEGION TRICOLOR All rhyming with pain. rts this article. This has also the POVO represents the true torcedor of the Bahia That in its majority deferred payment in the periphery and that in the days of games leaves to buy the milk and the bread of the children to go behind a hope of goal of the tricolor. Aerosol cans gathered all the information. But, the coitado one! Many times come back toward frustrate house and still it deducts in the woman Who does not understand nothing of soccer and that she likes exactly is of novel But, when the husband I left lights a candle Mr. of the Bonfim Ele to help the Bahia to gain the departure Therefore thus it comes back contents for Same house that arrives encachaado and sleeps dirty of its side Bora Baa! Twisted ta porreta So faithful faithful twisted ta it made that me to write this twine..