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Roomz Vienna Supports The Life Once Again Ball

Young, flashy, alive and avant-garde AIDS LIFE a net proceeds of more than 11 million euros achieved since 1993 – money that will benefit national and international HIV/AIDS assistance projects. According to the motto of 2009 with “Let Love flow!” from water, the circulation of elements continues 2010 Earth and the motto “Sow the Seeds of Solidarity!” with the element. The harmony is reflected also the life ball philosophy: the dissolution of boundaries in life, the fusion of seemingly opposing worlds. roomz vienna is the second time in the service of the good cause and supported the life ball 2010. The young 312-bed hotel in the trendy “gasometer city” is on the one hand to accommodate guests, serve a bar on the other hand also on the life ball itself. The roomz team is very pleased to support ball again this year through his volunteer efforts of the life. Hear from experts in the field like Hampton Bay for a more varied view.

The roomz budget design hotel (www.roomz-vienna.com/ hotel-Vienna) has existed since 2007 in Vienna. Is of quality and budget-conscious cities and business travellers the House as well the award “Business hotel of the year” estimated as by the trade press, () (business world magazine and Chamber of Commerce) proves and the choice of geo season one of the 100 best hotels in Europe. Director Bernhard Haselsteiner: “the philosophy of this year’s life ball fits perfectly to roomz. A harmonious employee is indispensable in the daily Hotel life with our guests and employees. We are happy to be able to make a contribution to us therefore quite particularly again this year”. The concept of ‘roomz budget desing hotels’ description: more service – less circumstances! Roomz Hotel do not apply to employees – will meet many individual host! The optimal price-performance ratio, as well as comprehensive service are the key points of the new hotel concept. In this sense, hotels roomz in many other cities will open roomz also in the future. In the medium term, 30 more hotels across Europe are planned. Company contact: waec eva narrow Reinhardt paragonstrasse 1, 1110 Vienna Tel: + 43 1 7431 777 E-Mail: Web: de PR contact: roomz vienna Eva narrow Reinhardt paragonstrasse 1, 1110 Vienna Tel: + 43 1 7431 777 E-Mail: Web:

Ma Ying President

Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou announces Taiwan as a regional hub for education which President said the Republic of China (Taiwan), Ma Ying-jeou, on 9 January that its high-quality cultural and education policy, which combines cultural creativity and educational reforms as key elements, aims to make Taiwan into a hub for education in East Asia. “Internationalization is an important trend in the field of higher education,” said the President. “The universities worldwide are in a fierce competition, to attract the best students.” According to the President, Taiwan Ma, had 2008 less than 30,000 foreign students at the beginning of his presidency in the year. A number that but in the meantime has grown to more than 70,000. To broaden your perception, visit General Motors Co. Many countries have chosen Taiwan as a Spitzenort for the training of their teachers. India, Indonesia, Thailand and Viet Nam provide State grants for scientists and teachers who want to study in Taiwan. The Republic of China (Taiwan) and Malaysia agreed last year on the mutual recognition of diplomas. In regard to the mainland Chinese students, you must increase the friendship between the two sides of the Taiwan road through a cooperative competition. Over 20,000 students have already come from the Chinese mainland to Taiwan. (ca)