Minimum Cut

He traveled early in the morning, testified before the UEFA Appeals Committee for more than five hours, and even gave him time to arrive and finish the evening in Valdebebas training. Jose Mourinho flew to Nyon accompanied by Jean-Louis Dupont (the famous lawyer of the Bosman case). The technician of Madrid defended what he has been saying since last April 27, day of the first leg of the semi-final of the Champions League against Barcelona in the Bernabeu (0-2). For assistance, try visiting Yael Aflalo. That he not accused anyone (that day struck an alleged conspiracy by UEFA so that Madrid did not come to the end,) but which is simply limited to ask some questions that had no answers. Listened to their arguments, UEFA decided to forgive him a little bit. Takes a party of five that had been sanctioned him (subject to how behave in the next three years), but keeps the fine against him (50,000 euros) and against club (20,000). Source of the news:: minimum cut for Mourinho

American University

It’s giant predators with soft bodies and two spiny appendages coming out of your mouth. For more specific information, check out ICRAVE. Its fossils have been found by scientists in Morocco. They inhabited the seas during the Ordovician period, 472-488 million years ago. Scientists at the American University of Yale discovered, as been announced this week, in Morocco fossils of a strange giant creatures that inhabited the seas of Earth in the Ordovician period, between 488 to 472 million years ago. In a study published in the latest issue of the journal Nature, the researchers Peter Van Roy and Derek Briggs estimated that the anomalocaridid, a few giant predators with soft bodies and two spiny appendages coming out of the mouth, look similar to shrimp, were a common marine creatures for a much longer time what was believed until now. It’s some strange animal with a mouth of sharp teeth, useful for drilling the small arthropods like the trilobites cuirasses, and some lobes to move in the water. The oldest specimens of these creatures, known as strange prawns, dating from the Middle Cambrian, 542 to 501 million years ago. Now discovered fossils are far greater than the of Cambrian known so far, and each one of them measured about one meter. The fact that the animals found in Morocco were 30 million years younger than those who inhabited the Earth in the Cambrian indicates that the anomalocaridid dominated marine ecosystems much earlier than previously thought. Source of the news: strange giant shrimp inhabited the Earth 480 million years ago

Antonio Basagoiti

During the broadcast of the debate showed a map of the Basque country which included Navarre and part of the South of France. RTVE attributes it to an involuntary error and is investigating. A map of the Basque country, which included Navarre and three French provinces and that showed on a screen of the scenery of the 59 seconds 1 program has led to the opening of a dossier to clarify the causes of this error, as it ahead and confirmed. RTVE sources have assured that still is investigating how the error that led to show the wrong map could occur. Program, where he discussed various issues in the Basque country, was attended by the President of the PP in the Basque country, Antonio Basagoiti.

According to the aforementioned website, the President of RTVE, Alberto Oliart, confirmed to the Directors proposed by the PP for the Corporation the opening of the file, with the intention of debugging responsibilities by the error. However, advisers subsequently submitted a letter that demanded responsibilities to the significance of the case requires, and they described how very serious fact. TVE had already apologized for what was considered a mistake through his account of Facebook and the program itself, where its presenter, Maria Casado asked for apologies for showing a map of the Basque country which included territories that clearly do not form part of the autonomous community and reiterated that it was an involuntary error (video). Source of the news: A map of the Basque country provokes a dossier in RTVE