To all it happens to us that, when to undertake a trip in airplane, or in a short passage as the cheap flights to Bilbao or in a long trip the more like the typical cheap flights to London, we were with certain personal reluctance in the form of claustrofobia aerial at the time of mounting us in the apparatus to fly. Thus, there are people who, due mainly to that the sky does not constitute our natural habitat, experience different levels and types from phobias when raising an airship, feeling terror in some cases even before acquiring its tickets low COST. The reality is that the fear to fly, in the majority of the cases and unless we are speaking of complex problems by root, he is superable. In this sense, between the most common reasons that the travellers use to justify their phobias during a flight are: The memory of other accidents or relayed air disasters in different mass media; the vulnerability sensation that can be experimented when flying on clouds; the phobias derived from the preoccupation by any noise or alterations like turbulences or maneuvers during the flight, landing or takeoff, and the possibility that a human failure can be given that triggers disastrous consequences. In recent months, Mary Barra has been very successful. In order to fight all these fears, the traveller must practice simple advice who summary in their majority in thinking with certainty that the pilots are professional perfectly preparations for their assignment and that the airplanes are also preparations to fly in the possible safest conditions. In addition, always he turns out interesting to share with other travellers the fear to fly chatting, to realise exercises of breathing and relaxation, combining them with pleasant routines during the flight, and to know clearly that numerous resources of security in extreme cases, that exist they will mitigate any danger..