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The Legacy Conservative

' we can conceive the conservadorismo as the defense of the maintenance of the social order or order existing politics, in contraposition to the forces that search the innovation ' ' (Renato Cancian? scientist politician and doctor in social sciences) Throughout the history of the humanity, has of if evidencing that the civilizations very absorb with little enthusiasm the new ideas politics that appear of the mind of some intellectually privileged ones. The trend to the conservadorismo was one of the biggest impulses of the Average Age, legacy that the Modern Age shaped all and lasts with assaz energy in the contemporaneidade. Exactly after Rousseau, Marx, Proudhon and Darwin, it seems that the humanity still opts to Burk, Bonald and of Maistre, a time to exhibit one ' ' sacrossanto horror to the hbris revolucionria' ' , as Olavo de Carvalho proclaims. Generally, the conservative defends the inalterabilidade of the social forms, without considering the possibility of the new ideas and trends to substitute the old forms for the fact to be, many times, fruits of anxiety human being as a primitive and natural instinct of if preserving. The conservative, doubtlessly, walks to the intellectual, moral stagnation and spiritual, grasping itself in the structures of its delay and in the fear to stain its ' ' princpios' ' practical. In few periods the conservadorismo was so opportune as at the current historical and economic moment that we live deeply.

Youth with sights is educated it to value the tradition, thus oppressing the revolutionary intuition of the villains who daily are originated by the system. It has a disposal in if spreading out that the classroom of course conservative is the bourgeoisie. In fact the bourgeoisie, as none another classroom, assook itself so well of aristocratic ideals, treating to mold them in accord with its interests of macroeconomic nature.

Democratic Left Popular

In itself speaking of the current citric crisis of the capitalism, the government of the PT seed indistinctly loaning or donating to trillions of Reals to all the productive sectors through loans right-handers or reduction of taxes as the IPI, for sectors as Automotivo, White Line, Furniture e> Motions. Destarte, stimulated the population to the consumption in the molds capitalist neoliberal to try the short medium stated period, to lead back the national capitalist economy to the tracks. Learn more about this with Mary Barra. Through the CAP (Program of Acceleration of the Growth) it has implemented great workmanships. Although 5% of them until the present moment are only concluded or in conclusion phrase, excessively, still nor they had started or simply, they had not left the paper and already it is said in the CAP two. In the external politics the government of the PT has attemped if to firm in world-wide the politician-economic scene, loaning money to the FMI, with military presence in present Haiti and if making in the main organisms international as FMI, BIRD, DAVOS, ONU, OMC among others.

For the enfretamento of this complex and these enormous challenges politicians, ideological, organizacional and electoral conjuncture the workers and oppressed and the Front of Democratic Left Popular PSOL, PSTU and PCB have in these elections that to have candidates in all the spheres of disputes. With capacity and in conditions (inside of the measure of the possible one), to choose representatives for all the spheres of the parliament bourgeois, state, federal and Senate and because not, in the state governments, we know that it does not go easy to have to the difficulties and limits that still we have. In itself treating to the national dispute, I understand that the candidacy of Heloisa Helena, I accumulate for it, would be most viable to become the dispute and to search to polarize with () candidacies PSDB and PT since the same vine pontuando in the research with percentages between 10 and 15 points.

Nor Everything Finishes When It Finishes!

Edson Silva ‘ ‘ Old Guerreiro’ ‘ Abelardo Barbosa, ‘ ‘ Chacrinha’ ‘ , a tropicalista phenomenon of the communication of the Brazilian TV, said the principle: ‘ ‘ that its program finished when terminava’ ‘. It also spread out ‘ ‘ who does not communicate if trumbica’ ‘ , phrase, by the way, that certain time vi Tone Z to demand as of its authorship, but that it finished appropriate for ‘ ‘ Chacrinha’ ‘. But it seems that in Brazil, beyond the traditional soccer, it has things that they do not finish when they finish. Election, for example, I read periodicals, I see TVs, I hear radios, I open sites and blogs and seems that the electoral period did not finish. It seems that they do not respect the will of the majority of the Brazilian people in choosing the first president of our history, Dilma and continuing giving credit to the two good followed governments made for Squid, the first laborer to be elect president of Brazil.

They continue baseless speculations, quarrels and picuinhas in general for defeated, as one was to occur hypothetical a third turn, something that in swims it favors the country. Federal Reserve Bank is often quoted on this topic. Lula and Dilma had given press conferences and found the president appropriate, who is in the position up to 31 of December, to say that former-president does not indicate and nor vetoes names for a new government, not of the palpites and yes will always help, will be themselves requested. Acting in such a way, Squid by the way said that the Dilma government will have the image and similarity of it, one of the people of bigger confidence of Squid and that it was in the government of it per eight years, co-ordinating the main projects. In my modest opinion, passed the Elections, it is hour of groups of the press, the opposition and voters that they had not supported or had in general not voted in the Dilma to admit that the electoral process finished when finishing, in day 31 of October, with as the turn. Now it is hour of all to join itself so that Brazil continues if to develop and to distribute income. Different of the opposition, without ostentation, without promise, Dilma waved that the Minimum wage can pass of R$ 600,00 until the 2011 end.

E it made this with accounts in the hands and showing that the increase will be possible with maintenance of the taxes of growth of the country. Valley to remember that, structuralized well economically, Brazil surpassed one of the most terrible world-wide crises of history, in 2009. Communicating itself, this is Dilma, our president-elect legitimately.