Used by the unusual wedding dress color combination black and white has in addition.” Her husband Ramesh man, with which it has founded the company 10 years ago, added: “narrow-cut suits with shorter silhouettes for men will be modern. The classic Tuxedo or Tailcoat, carried continue of course with a harmonious color vest. In the world of paint not a lot has happened however. It is black, Brown all nuances, Silver grey and champagne. Accents ties in purples and berries now however.

In the wedding field, models made of Platinum or timeless bicolor constructions with straight track – the Lady’s ring is studded with diamonds – are becoming increasingly popular. Also a sought-after design are simple, wide rings, plated with diamonds.” Description of the company is the busiest wedding portal with online shop in the German-speaking world. Future as already-Wed brides and grooms, wedding guests and organizers visit the Web site to prepare for the big day. Also “normal love” suggestions and get gifts for Valentine’s day, such as here. The Hochzeitsshop focuses on quality as creative paper products, accessories, decoration materials and gifts, as well as the individual printing service. Under the headings of Advisor, regional, YellowPages, venues, fashion and jewelry, and travel are current and trend information about the organisation and equipment of a wedding in the country and abroad – and the honeymoon planning. Under Service, a wedding table can be set up.

Members share a lively in the weddix the Community Forum. The weddix GmbH celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. The corporate idea man in the wedding planning of the founding couple Sylke and Thoralf. Today, over 25 employees to ensure the success of the Internet portal, which belongs to the selection of Web sites that can boast of visits and PIs IVW-tested numbers worry. Company contact: weddix GmbH Edith axe Lorenz-Huber-Strasse 9a 85540 hair Tel: 089-42 00 17 45 E-Mail: Web: