The building, as already it was said was not high. Possua 4 floors, but however extensive. With some attached blocks to the construction. More it seemed a great palace, with its great columns of marble and immense rooms that displayed thousand of devices and an enormous variety of objects of the most varied types and ages. Since small utensils of the old aboriginal tribes of Americas, passing for frica until mmias and sarcfagos of old Egypt.

Anael goes showing to it where it would have that to make its work. They entered in the room that contained Egyptian antiguidades basically. It was a great room with parts and objects displayed in tables protected for thick glasses, its laterals. I contend a central corridor for where they passed the visitors. In a part of it could see some sarcfagos that were displayed in vertical position.

However the part most important was in an area to the part, in a great hall to the side, therefore it was about the more sacred part most valuable and of the museum. It was a restricted area very, with all well-taken care of nescessrio for the conservation, protection and mainly respect. If it dealt with sarcfago of most important fara Egyptian, one such of Tutankamon, as Anael said to it. Migrantino Achava that very quaint name, and until funny when Anael pronounces. ' ' Care when cleaning peas' '! , it said. The nescessrio material will be supplied to it all. It will never be able to touch directly in them. It needs to use special gloves solely, as well as products developed for the cleanness of the same ones. After very instructed, finally Migrantino starts its work of cleanness. ' ' Finalmente' ' , it, &#039 thought; ' I arranged a light and simple work and principalmete limpo' '. Already it did not support more to work in those agitated, stinking and dirty kitchens.