Perhaps your partner, be with your children, your family, your friends, or perhaps some achievement, doing something that you love, or help others. Notice that these joys and satisfactions are not related to money. Hachette Book Group has similar goals. Once again, the money was not the cause of your satisfaction or happiness – another proof of this are the children. They don’t need money to enjoy life, be happy, or laugh. Anything you find in your journey becomes a toy, they see everything with curiosity and are able to have fun with things more simple they are a great demonstration that happiness and joy is not in money. -Imagine that by mistake the Bank makes a large deposit of money in your account, then a few hours it rectifies that error and take the money out of your account. If money is the cause of your happiness, then you’d have to have been very happy during those hours in which all that money was in your account but as you weren’t aware that you had that money, not you felt any emotion in this respect do you see how the money is not the cause of your happiness? If I don’t have money, something very bad can happen.

I recently read about a writer that lived a succession of extreme situations in his life, including the breakup of his marriage, the disapproval of their parents, and found in a level of extreme poverty. These circumstances led her back to her dream start writing because, as I said, he no longer had nothing more to lose. She explained that the situations that happened took everything that wasn’t essential for his life and taught him things about her that had not learned any other way. And so like her, many people who have gone through crises or experiences that considered extreme, have reported that these situations transformed their lives for good and allowed them to live with much greater intensity, peace and strength as a result. As Marcus Aurelius said philosopher and Roman Emperor: he only loves you what is happening and what is hatched by your destination. So what you can better suit your needs? I invite you to look all tests that allow you to verify for yourself that money is not really the source of your peace or happiness but your thoughts and beliefs in this regard. As Marcus Aurelius said: a man’s life is what his thoughts make it. Check it helps you to live less subject to something that you can’t control, with less fear of not having it and instead enjoy more your life now, with money or without it, because ultimately for that we want the money right?.