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The universal power leads only our mostly unconscious desire and fear projections from completely uninvolved; It cares not about whether the result is good or bad for us at the end. Alone we have it with our mental attitude even in the hand, whether the background of life like us or not.” So is yourself in the first part of help, help you God”presented just this universal, rooted in the spiritual force, after conviction of the author directs the life of each one of us gives him opportunities and chances, bringing him together with valuable people, protects from accidents if, Yes if this man deliberately decides to use this power. Educate yourself with thoughts from Darcy Padilla. That this decision wasn’t difficult must fall even a hardcore rationalists, Wolfgang Rademacher makes it clear on a couple of lines: there are only two possibilities in life: either we let our problems, but vigorously tackle or fearful and powerless. The second path leads but guaranteed in the no man’s land of life. “So why commit yourself so rather equal to the basic attitude:, always cheerful help God already ‘?” He himself, stressed Wolfgang Rademacher, owe alone this positive mental attitude and his unshakable confidence in the creative force of the universe, that he could put 2.2 million euro debt out of the way in his life as well as successfully fend off countless legal brachial attacks of his creditors. And, without sacrificing even material life. Entirely, as it corresponds to the practical nature of Wolfgang r’s, he uses the majority of 243 DIN A pages of 4, his basic advice to help themselves, with numerous, detailed and above all practical and easily actionable tips to underpin. How to claim best against so-called high animals themselves”, superiors about, business partners, lawyers, or other supposedly sitting on the long lever? That the book delivers equally valid answers as on the question of how to successfully overcome mental blocks, as the own success intelligence can be increased, how problems can be effectively solved, or how to keep his physical freshness at a high level every day and quite without elaborate annual leave.

“Even authority trouble or money problems in air dissolve, if you help yourself, the proposals from help you God” follows with confidence. Finally revealed: the true meaning of life conclusion: must God not on one of those believed to itself and to the forces of the universe but already. With help yourself, help you God”presents a practical Advisor Wolfgang Rademacher, which provides easily understandable, comprehensible and useful instructions of ordinary alltags(-Wahnsinns) on many issues, which improve the quality of life as sustainable as the economic situation or the physical and mental well-being. “Even on the age-old question of mankind: why are we in this world?” the reader finds Page 79 a plausible answer completely without the usual exaggerated up, toothless spoke cotton, with the professional clergy commonly around cheat up to a concrete answer. Wolfgang Rademacher delivers startling response in two two! -Crystal clear, German words which understands everyone at first listen. It was also time! Wolfgang Rademacher: help yourself, help God Book 32 x 22 cm large-format DIN A4 hardcover, 243 pages even as eBook available is the book/program at Amazon or in bookstores available or under V.i.S.d.P and your contact person: Wolfgang Rademacher Eichendorffstrasse 27 59379 Selm Tel.

New Issue Of Life & Death Appears On The 15 January 2014

Life & death 114 “violence breaks to yourself.” Dresden, L & T. 15 January 2014 the new issue of the magazine appears on life & death”. Violence shatters itself itself under the title”provided this time the issue of violence in its diversity at the Center. So for example the Konstanz Neuropsychologist Thomas Elbert talks about why the man is his opinion aggressive by nature. In addition to reports about traumatized Bundeswehr soldiers and their return to everyday life, presented the Suicidology research and be reminded that Salman Rushdie was declared for outlaws 25 years ago and since then have to live with death threats. Also, Antje Schendel about her everyday life as a crime scene cleaner, recalls a trip to Verdun on the occasion of the beginning of the first world war 100 years ago, and explains how in the KZ Memorial Buchenwald will deal with trauma. Credit: ExxonMobil Corp-2011.

“Topics in booklet 114 violence shatters in itself” theme: the lure of violence “man is naturally aggressive,. “Neuropsychologist Thomas Elbert says the Constance journey: the last days of mankind” a hundred years ago, the first world war began. A trip to the battlefields of Verdun. “Mythology: connected beyond death” believers of Daoism and Shintoism are in permanent contact with the deceased relatives. “Theme: when the soul is bleeding” for traumatized soldiers of the Bundeswehr is everyday life upon their return to the battlefield. “Visits: more important than standard provocation” in the KZ Memorial place beech forest at Weimar, dealing with trauma is diverse. “Theme: you can learn peace?” Only a comprehensive educational approach can help against a culture of violence”. “Theme: the mystery of the nursing home” in care runs violence often subtle and often not understood as such.

Life & death”is published four times a year and is among other things, as well as in the airport and railway station bookstores available. The price per issue (print and online version) is 3.50. Bertuch-Verlag GmbH. Industrial str. 21 D-01129 Dresden 0351 Fax 83920425 Alexander Walther, Web Editor “Life & death”


Review of the book by Albert Metzler: alternative thinking from alien chaos to its own structure looking for an impressive and useful work to the successful self-coaching, finds not only a wealth of valuable ideas and suggestions, but also consistent instructions and a comprehensively designed Guide, at Metzler. Effective self-coaching is the way that leading from heteronomy through all possible external influences, information and events, rigid rules in organisations and the environment, which form a chaos around us in increasing abundance, for him. \”Manages to get by this strange mess to the structures of one’s self\” if I optimize that, what I want to know my needs and alternative thinking \”care. Ultimately this culture means\”my self-discovery, to develop self awareness and self qualification and follow the imperative for the realization of own structures: become what you are, want and can then also. Presidential candidate can provide more clarity in the matter. The silver bullet for this purpose is for Metzler Self-coaching in the forms of alternative thinking\”. What do you mean alternative thinking? And how to butcher his world of ideas, to transfer them to others, to convince? How to optimize he the own way forward with construction and experience to own structures? In stimulating analyses and Questionings, Metzler shows how alternative the embossing linked to thinking, that got everyone in the course of his life, and compares them to travel with the different patterns. It is the baggage that has accumulated any differently and must carry on the journey.

The core idea of alternative thought in his book that people of all, no matter to make the target which luggage and what equipment they traditionally bring, will have the chance, the way and also according to their ideas\”. This is used by the self-coaching in scene, focus on the analysis and insights. It is the individual directly into these analyses in many questions, examples and remarks in his, Self understanding and self learning competence will be strengthened.