The Jejum and the unilateral Pardon You are welcome will advance to jejuar, if the heart to shelter recentemento of hurt against the next one. Unhappyly many that practise jejum need to liberate the pardon for the next one. Jejum without unilateral pardon is hypocrisy or is an act of farisasmo. Jesus said: ' ' you are not as hypocritical ' ' (Mt.6: 5a). But what it is unilateral pardon? Unilateral it means of a side, of a part. Therefore, the unilateral pardon exists only for one of the parts; it is the pardon granted for the offended one without the participation of the ofensor.

In other words, it is the not requested pardon for the ofensor, that the times nor knows that it needs it. The aggrieved party takes the initiative of the gesture, and pardons the part to offended who, without waiting it that the other it part this. This attitude is very difficult of if to put in practical, however, is not impossible of if practising. Why? Because we inside have of us the Espirito Santo, the Parcleto, that will help in them to practise the pardon unilateral. To illustrate this principle I want to display a history here that I read in the book, The golden Key, of the consecrated writer Mary Welch. She herself tells: ' ' Certain woman hated an entire community. During seven years it did not obtain nor to pray nor to read the Bible. It had been harmed and calumniated for people whose position in the ecclesiastical circles had greater influence in the community. She had been wounded in the worse way that one human being can be wounded? in the worse way that had wounded Jesus de Nazar: to its they had called well badly. Nobody was to speak of the subject with it, nor nobody asked for excuses to it.