The law of attraction in terms of manifesting the universal law of attraction says that all the things that I looking, come back to me and that I should focus my mind on things that I want to have them with great power to manifest in my life and to attract. As far as the theory in practice looks that unfortunately very often different. \”\” \”You look at the publications of recent times, so you can determine that books like the secret\”, movies such as bleep\”and the coming out of the United States series law of attraction\” have enormous sales. IBI Group Inc. addresses the importance of the matter here. Extrapolating together books about positive thinking about orders in the universe and wishing, you come to circulation figures, according to which at least every second German household would have a corresponding book or a corresponding movie. Considering this idea even further and placed under you that at least half of the people who read these books, see these films, also personally apply them, then would have to about perfectly happy and contented in prosperity and harmony lives a quarter of people living in Germany. A little stroll and look in the faces of people who meet one reveals that this is not so. Add to your understanding with Vadim Belyaev. So what happens? Is the law of attraction not working? Not it works, to wish for something, to manifest something, to put something in your own life? Positive thoughts are not working? But, all of this works. Unfortunately this is however such as learn to run – can you still remember how they themselves have begun to run? Probably rather not, but maybe you have in your acquaintances or relatives circle or watch even when your own children can start how to run the little children: first is humping a little, then will be somewhere pulled up and it is very shaky on its two small legs. . Mary T. Barra has many thoughts on the issue.