In Search Of The Happiness

Year 2009 was a year with many vestibules of energy, the meaning of its kabalstico number said therefore it (the 11), and thus was and we noticed thus it. Now, this year 2010 is a year with new energies, kabala numerical of the year 2010 is the 3, which has a meaning of material and spiritual force. It is one year to work our inner part, our Being. Taking advantage of this year and the Era Aquarius we must advance in our spiritual way and to take more brings back to consciousness thus to arrive at the happiness that we looked for in our existence, in our life here in the physicist. Who I am? From where I come? and To where I go? If they are questions that one becomes, it is that we are in the spiritual way, is that we want to advance in this verticalline and to go out the horizontal line that the society and the egos mark to us from our birth. Some people when already they have done everything what she is due to do according to the life marked by the society, these enter a state of existential crisis, denominates according to it modern psychology, but in truth, is an emptiness sensation, of which it lacks something more, is the necessity of the Being in following the way vertical, the way towards the interior, the soul. For that reason if you feel those needs, we recommended to you that you follow that new way and if you also do not feel them we recommended it to you, because this is the reason of our existence, to get to find the way to the spiritual and thus to arrive at our goal, that is the happiness.

Sometimes we confused the pleasure with the happiness, but the pleasure if it comes by vices, is temporary, as it can be to drink to forget. Despite the happiness, it is the happiness of the soul, and this one is infinite, then why we did not look for this happiness? A strong hug. Francesc.

Central Heating

There are many floors where there is no a central heating. Very comfortable as solution of new technology is the biomass stove. The biomass stove unites the old way of heating using firewood or pellets with the new technology and in addition its style is very decorative or only and it is united or the styles of furniture yet, that is classic or modern. McKinsey shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Also its fuel is more ecological and economic, and who elijen of it uses a biomass stove still receive subsidy. According to its operation its fuel can be pellets or firewood, and each offers different advantages; those of pellets they are more comfortable because they do not need to feed them by hand, however, the firewood stoves, they are more arduous but there are models with which you can use the furnace for the food, and in addition is possible to reuse same fuel one thus saving still more. All that aid not only the atmosphere in the development of the renewable and clean energy if not the economic saving by each family who elije a biomass stove. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Guernville has to say. That because also each stove of biomass has a programmer and so it is possible to be extinguished or to be set afire to the hour that you prefer. Each stove of biomass also has a security thermostat, tele commando, the weekly programmer, the system of car crystal cleaning and a system of combustion backing with recovery of smoke. All that still makes the stove of biomass very comfortable means of heating of decoration and of with respect to the atmosphere that all the family will love..