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Talking about the education of children. What does the word mean for you discipline? What is discipline? Disciplining a child does not punish him. It is simply teach the path that must travel. Discipline and self-respect. Parents and teachers often qualify a child like unblushing, bad boy, etc when referring to a negative behaviour; This child is identified with their bad actions and negative feelings about themselves. If parents punish him severely for any lack, the child assumes that they punish him because they don’t want it.

If parents respect their children when they fix them by a lack, even if it is serious, the child will feel badly because of his error but may overcome the problem without rancor for his father or his mother. Kitchens is open to suggestions. An example: your child after an altercation with a neighbour and gave him a blow, parents come to you to complain and ask that you are punished immediately and in his presence. What makes you in a case as well? Another example: A child was missing to classes and their parents vigiaron them to know where was the hours of class. They discovered that they were going to a home with another buddy and smoked. Out what their parents, also threatened the friend with reporting it to the authorities and in response were a serious threat on the part of the boy. Discipline is not an improper Word. The aim of the discipline is to train the child to learn to govern themselves; parents should help the child to get it to be a good person.

The Bible admonishes parents instructs the child in the good way Prov. 22: 6.-here is not taught to parents to satisfy every whim of the son. The parents put the rules and discipline is not negotiable. When should I begin to discuss with the children? A study of Psychology gives this advice to parents: what are the most important years in human development? People: the first month of the first year is the most important and each successive month is important but less so than the previous month.


Elevator cars, scissor lift, tire changer, detacher balancers and wheel are products star of Prestige Lift among many others that we have been distributing more than 10 years in different countries around the world. It is for this reason Prestige Lift puts at your disposal the following informative article when buying an elevator car and workshop or wheel 1 machine. That is a car elevator? We understand as elevator cars, all that machinery responsible for facilitating the action capable of lifting or raising all kinds of vehicles for your subsequent access to the lower zones. 2 Types of lift within all types of elevators for cars, the most common are: car elevator two columns four car lifts scissor lifts, 3 columns. Basic uses applied to vehicles. Each type of vehicle lift, meets a different requirement based on manipulation that you want to use in the car. Vadim Belyaev shines more light on the discussion.

Any type of lift is better than another, if it has not, clear activity principal that we need. This is why, the largest in terms of sales of elevators user is mainly mechanical, and these are manufactured for use in repair and automotive workshops. 4. What I want to buy an elevator for cars? Does that elevator conforms better to your activity? Primarily, we must take into account several factors when you find ads in elevators. Regardless of costs. These include three groups:-Group A: elevators for general mechanic workshops (all the pieces and parts of a vehicle. – Group B: elevators workshops of for quick inspection – and maintenance services group C:-lifts for workshops align addresses and jobs in these.) 5 Lift according to group: elevator of 2 columns Group A: elevator 2 columns elevators for cars (2 columns) or also called bridge lifter two columns these are main elevator cars that we can find in all garages expanded worldwide, for maximum performance and accessibility offered to repair or provide a service full.

Buying Clothes

Below I list some basic rules to make purchases that are contained in the book Colour me Beautiful, Carole Jackson. While the book has its years, seems to me that this list is timeless and can help you when it comes to investing in your wardrobe. Rules for shopping 1. Buy with your colors, looking only clothes with those colors (for this is required an analysis of Colorimetry and determine more favourable for each individual color palette) 2. Be aware of the trends of fashion in terms of colors: see what your palette tones are fashionable and choose the sentador. 3. Learn to say no to the vendors (who are trying to make us buy clothes that are not us well or that are not appropriate for our physical characteristics) 4.

Find a / seller to that is your station, i.e., whose color palette is similar or equal to yours. People such as cabinets would likely agree. 5. Do not buy with a / friend who at least understands your station and the colors that make up your palette. 6. Not compulsive shopping: purchase items that most make you need based on your activities and occupation, in order of priority.

7 Invest more money on garments that you employ more. 8 Be well dressed / or when buying, this will allow you: a) be able to judge better how you have left the garments that you try and b) receive better care. 9 Have a routine to make purchases in the following order: a) find your waist b) choose garments in colors that favor c) see the personality of computers: do you see reflected / or not? (((d) see the style and cut of the garment e) feel fabric f) try the garment on considering the possibility of modifying it with a seamstress. In many cases one does not acquire a garment by details that can be arranged with ease (for example, the length of a sleeve). I hope that these rules are useful! Laura – Styletto Image Studio Lic. in international relations, Advisor of image and founder of Styletto Image Studio. Blogs similar HONOR SOCIETY ONLINE Your best source on everything about the GLCityMusic Blog Archive Classic Pimp Rap fabric Feat. 8 Ball Rollerblade only style you Overview in freedom are 4 of 8 subjects accused of transporting in selection of the color palette for a web design color palettes inspired by TV series Kabytes high-waisted or low, how to choose them?

The Doll

Then its aunt Alba, very adept dressmaker, then found a solution for the doll broken, that in the following day already total was restored, with a ball of stocking glue inside of the hollow head, that was covered with a pretty cabeleira falling on the shoulders, made with staple fibres of potbellied, a vegetal woollen species, know there where it arranged this. the doll was pretty, pretty! Not fitting in itself of as much contentment, still it put in the doll the name of Vandeci, the old owner. to the afternoon was if to seat accurately in the jamb of the door of the street, being shown its new and pretty blond doll in the col. But it could not have done worse thing. It did not delay very and there it together with came to such girl walking for the sidewalk the mother.

They turn when it, although the transformation the recognition was immediate, since nor the dress nor the sapatinhos had been changed. to such girl botou the mouth in the world, crying out: – This girl is with my doll! This doll is mine! Me of the my doll! You caught mine bonequinhaaa! The girl ran pra of terrified house inside, with the heart to the pulls. Presidential candidate contributes greatly to this topic. She closed the door with force, she ran for the room, she inside threaded the doll of the wardrobe and set to cry it. But they had soon beaten with insistence to the door of the house. They were the two. The mother she demanded rights on the doll of the son, who same it had played outside. The son cried and cried out saying that now she wanted the doll, that was of it.

no matter how hard the mother of who found a doll, has attemped to explain another mother what nor it had what to be explained, on behalf of good sense and of the good education and still to prevent one badly to be between neighbors, was even so the doll there, in the arms of had played who it outside. The girl was sad, very sad and cried very. Two days later she gained of gift a new, bigger and prettier doll, but never, never exactly, if she forgot Vandeci, its pretty blond doll, that joy insane person it removed with as much love, of the can of the garbage.

Modernity Quality

Difasa, continuing with its strategy on r & d launches a new collection of cabinets with a functional design and a perfect interior disposition to maintain order and to reach your garments and most precious belongings. Our company is a leader in the manufacturing of made-to-measure wardrobes, so with the new collection we offer the solution that was looking for the maximum utilization of space. We put at your disposal a lot of accessories so that you yourself can design inside your closet, so you can choose or combine between pantaloneros, hangers, drawers, shelves, shoe racks in addition to new materials that have, such as the skin, fabric and color, can be a unique creation cupboard, away us from the traditional concept of dressing. With the idea that each cabinet is personal, we have included among our materials a wide variety of colors, because they are recorded striped or plain, all the customer’s choice. To give that touch of originality insurmountable. At Difasa, is bets on the upholstery of the fronts to surprise our customers with fabrics which can be twinned with the home decor. Our main objective is to make you feel really good, so we count with first quality materials, durable and resistant to the passage of time. We create spaces designed for live, reinventing ways and giving practical solutions, so we propose a wager by modernity, quality and the intelligent use of the space of the home.

Jewelry Trends Autumn

Preparing for the winter and autumn chill has already aroused the desire to deal with warm clothing and new trends in fall and winter jewelry. This season should provide some fundamentals with constant attention to details of which they are added. Source: kitchens. Generously bestowed upon your wardrobe impulsive, fairly large necklaces and chains. They underlined the image of a line of evening, but during the day should not put them away: Mix and match your favorite decoration on the neck with a simple everyday clothes, creating a bright accent to the neutral background. Opinionated earrings are gaining more acceptance. The main thing that they were not severe. Support earrings elements of one color accessories and footwear. This season, the actual “earth” tones, fuchsia, jungle color.

Required colors of the season – a deep green and rich purple, the colors can be worn with a gold or dark-gray coating. Accents of red color combined with black, gray and white. Beads and Murano glass are the perfect choice of color solutions. Prefer themed suites – each necklace and earrings are desirable corresponding bracelet – sets create a complete image. Play an important role wondering processed metals and graphic elements.

Allow yourself to choose, feel free to combine colors, matches the color and metallic crystals, adding bright colors on monochrome canvas. So do not think once again – be brave. Winter – a perfect time to wear a stone with a special brilliance. Prefer glow jewelry with large crystals . These touch to your winter image will work best.

A Beautiful New Scarf

Each of us once thought about how nice tie a handkerchief or scarf. After all, scarves and shawls, headscarves and at times – this is all accessories designed to bring to our face breath of fresh air, a new look at our attire. Sometimes it may require only one such supplement, beautifully chosen and artfully tied, so that even quite simple ensemble has acquired a new meaning. And even if you have very little basic wardrobe, you do not not neglect the opportunity to diversify it with a cheap but effective accessory like a scarf, shawl or scarf-belt. Before we talk about how beautiful shawls and scarves to tie, let's take a look at some of the recommendations of their choosing and buying. When choosing a new shawl or a scarf, always imagined – in what form and at what point do you plan to wear it. Sometimes, a beautiful shawl is very attractive figure in the center, but it folded, the figure is lost, remain in sight only, which is closer to the edge.

This should definitely be considered. It is desirable, of course, before buying whirl in the mirror and fitting room try to tie a few familiar sites. So you see what shades of a scarf to the fore. If you choose a scarf around the neck or decollete area, then bet on the colors that the maximum refresh your face and best suited to you based on your tsvetotipa appearance. If the shawl or scarf is chosen to be worn as a belt, then, first of all, we must think about how it will be combined with already available in the wardrobe of clothes by color and texture, and what you plan to wear it.

Visit Barcelona

Today we present onedyinbarcelona of plug-ins: today I’d like to dedicate the day to complement your wardrobe and home. You start by the head; you spend by of kap, where you don’t know that Hat decide, all are pimps. Salts with most furnished head. You decide that it is also a good day to take care of yourself; so you eat vegetarian l hortet, you surprised the variety of the Charter and the delicious which is around away from the cliche thing healthy is soso. A new bag that coordinate with your last auto-regalada garment you think best to follow the afternoon, so you’re going at the whim of doll, perfect name for the store and the time. Hard to decide, but sales with a piece of those that you know you’re going to get much out. Not too far away is loom, where to find a scarf and necklace set to newly purchased bag.

To end the almost perfect day, you find those two details that you were looking for to your House and also those gifts you had earrings des of for weeks to your friends. Everything in the store. Often oneday, truth? Whim of wrist: faithful to the details and the care for finishes the embroils located in old premises in the District of el born, invites you to discover a wide space where antique furniture of different styles give the environment a personal charm. Muse under the tree: A fairy-tale account Silvina shop Musa that they don’t know how it started his obsession to make bags of all shapes and sizes. Kap: From head to toes just over one year ago, in the heart of Raval Edu and Javi created the universe DEKAP, a space between the new and old, urban and classic, between stone walls and wooden beams here you will discover a whole world of the feet to the head. There are more sites! Do you want to know them?


With the arrival of the first fresh days is the time to return to the closet summer clothes and renew the wardrobe. An alternative to the tedium that supposed to endure long lines at traditional stores box is to purchase clothes online – spend time researching on the Internet the large commercial avenues of the world cannot compete with the volume and diversity of items that Internet puts within reach of the user. That is why, although it is intended to save time and effort with this method of purchase, should know that dedicate time to browse and compare tends to be profitable. Don’t settle for the first web that is, be patient and properly choosing the portal offering best services is the first step to take. -Choose a portal accessible sale once channeled the road is necessary to point out that legislation differs from one country to another. In the case of Internet commerce, this truism is applicable to commercial transactions and privacy policies. Find a portal of sale that seduce us and also for our own country therefore entails certain guarantees and advantages.

-Know the basic information about the web when making a screen of the websites that may be of interest, is essential to know if they have a physical address. Those that do not indicate what should be discarded immediately. Of course, it is also suitable to be attentive to spelling errors, excessive advertising or banners, as they often denote little professionalism. Also pay special attention to the web offers basic information, like the privacy policy or the terms of payment, delivery, return and refund. It can make the difference that invite the user to opt for one website or another. Detailed information that will help resolve the doubts of the purchaser is crucial to ensure a good service. -Have a good description of the product in the moment of performing the purchase, you have to know with precision what is what is about to acquire.

Some descriptions of products are alarmingly scarce, or even use the small letter to indicate that it is to buy an item that is not in good condition, or which belongs to catalogues of past – query the system of sizes and measurements know exactly how will lay particular garment generates in many people uneasiness and distrust, sometimes being the reason why, dispenses with Internet as a method of purchase. Therefore, the best websites for selling fashionable made available customer care system sizes and measures, with his correspondence in centimeters, so the buyer knows accurately the dimensions of your chosen garment. -Use a payment method 100% insurance when it comes to making an online payment, the usual methods often contemplate the credit card and payment as PayPal systems. -Require proof of purchase at the conclusion of purchase a page reflecting the acquisition carried out summary, as that refers to the user a confirmation e-mail and a detailed receipt is enforceable. This information should be kept, because it is equivalent to the classic Bill. Is not of more dedicate a folder on your computer to manage this type of documentation, it will be necessary to carry out returns and follow these practical tips, buy clothes on the Internet means, in short, a quick and easy way to renew the wardrobe.

The Celebrity

To dress us we need to choose clothing and combinations more adapted to our silhouette, colorful personal and lifestyle. Not it serves what carries the model or the celebrity of fashion if not it seems nothing to us. We will share with you several ways to get show that unique and fabulous style that reflects our inner beauty. Experience with the color. Don’t be afraid to combine colors unexpectedly. There is life beyond the neutral colors (white, beige, Brown, gray or black etc) is true neutrals we serve to make our clothing is versatile but we can buy some clothing colors to avoid boredom and go unnoticed. Test with a pole, a shirt or a blouse, or leverages to acquire color accessories.

Do you know what are the colors that make you shine? Could you tell us what are your favorite colors or those who make you look and feel better? If there are colors that give you appearance of tired, in my case the earth colors (Brown, Orange, green military etc) I do not favor so I don’t put them close to the face. If you have not done you a color analysis seeks a professional like us or search on internet or books that will help you get all the potential to your physical. 2 Take off top what is worthless. It is possible that you have clothes in your closet that you used much because you love you, but if they are already in bad condition, we recommend that you pull them. Those garments that cost you a kidney but that you do not put never and they are gathering dust in your closet, not worth the penalty. Just collect useful space so you sell them on ebay (betting website) or give away them. What you have in your wardrobe you have to like, feel well and be in perfect condition.