The first was responsible for forest and water resources, the second controlled air pollution, as well as to monitor the impact of industrial production on the environment. Now environmental functions rtn transferred to a new federal ministry. Which undoubtedly is very reasonable: a department will be able to work much more efficiently, said Ivan Block, director of Greenpeace Russia. Yuri Trutnev said that the new structure of government provides centralization and unification in a single agency all powers related to the environment. Chapter Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Trutnev also said he did not exclude the possibility of personnel changes within the agency. Mr.

Trutnev also said that by the end of this year, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology will develop and submit to the Russian government package of measures to protect the environment. In Russia revives environmental review on Friday, May 16, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has made changes in federal law 'On Ecological Expertise' and Urban Development Code, involving the state environmental review before construction of facilities on lands of specially protected natural areas. These amendments were adopted State Duma on April 25 and approved by the Federation Council on May 6. The document states that the project documentation facilities, including high-risk, technically complex and unique, facilities security and defense, construction, reconstruction, major repairs are expected to carry on the lands of specially protected natural territories, in accordance with Russian legislation and subjects of the Federation shall be not only a state examination under Article 49 of the Town Planning Code of Russia, but state environmental review under the relevant federal law.