The mind that asks a question and is only satisfied with an explanation, with a verbal statement, remains a superficial mind. Only the mind that asks a fundamental question and is able to follow the course of that question till the end, can discover what is truth, especially what represents spirituality while giving us the opportunity to live, we must delve in addition, in what represents the spirituality in everything what we allow to feed our spirit, identify us with its essencereach, represents while we we journey through this plane. In pro of activate our dynamism according to achieve a good spiritual hygiene, it is worth considering some tips which bequeathed us the Pirke Avot (Chapter 6: 5) where the sages teach us: life is not one-dimensional. It must be studied from every side and flipped from one side to another. To really enter into road you need to find your rhythm.

To body human patterns loves. Even the more daunting challenges are made more fluid when they have a routine. This means making the activity in the same place, at the same time, and in the same way (the closest posible the search for any significant objective must be constant, 24 hours a day.) Not including periods of time between fight for something and not to fight. Whenever you follow a specific objective must be without interruption. It is better to study an hour followed that two hours with breaks. Interruptions break our chain of thought and limit our ability to retain information. Remove the power of the study your essential is that plan, seeks, the human being who lives, breathes, you love, which is constantly growing, you want excellence, which is hungry to know more. Sign in with this.

It is who you truly are. Get the study of life your primary occupation, and your somewhat secondary profession. On the road, going to distinguish between comfort and pleasure, between the necessary pain and the suffering in vain. And in the process, you’ll discover the real meaning of life become a scholar of life. Study where you are. Loaded with you ready to keep your mind in growth books, thoughts, etc. (Without looking out the window like a zombie). Eng.