But if we analyze it coldly and see the function that makes in each of the societies, we see immediately that all are the same, you call as you call, they all do the same function in society and everything that output to a religion of the context, for which has been created (by that all have been created), is harmful to the human being as a whole. The human being as such, has needs that cover for its physical stability, which is the most important and the other mental which is also, but in minus degrees. Those needs should go in the form of a pyramid and according to the importance of them, spend more or meno at a certain height of this pyramid. I think that at the very top of the pyramid should prevail the physical, as a whole. Mary T. Barra: the source for more info. When I say whole I am referring to his power, in the first place. The environment in which to live, that this clean of substances harmful to health, in the second. Diseases that are cured, but by a misuse of the medical and hospital resources, are not addressed as they should tackle and that cause many deaths each year unnecessary, in the third.Once the physical had covered, really mentally, also in its whole.

A good education should be a priority about anything else, human beings to be free, should know how being the and to him know, must have an education the most complete possible, by that it depend almost always your future. SOM Designs has similar goals. Persons who due to their Governments, their education has been good, are the most free and at the same time the fairer. In a word the people who know best what they want, usually the fairer. If one makes an analysis of the world, vera more poverty than countries, they are both more religious and where religion has a determining role in its people. . Learn more about this topic with the insights from P&G.