Vygotsky, affirms that: ' '. they.em the child the decurrent development of the contribution saw imitation, the decurrent development of the learning is the basic fact. … Because in the school the child it does not learn what it knows to make alone, but what not yet it knows to make and orientao&#039 comes it to be accessible in contribution with the professor and under its; ' (VYGOTSKY, 2001, P. 331). The cultural aspect has great importance in the construction of the knowledge of the humanity, for this looks for to study, to analyze and to argue the paper of the cultural context.

In this research, in special, its influences in the learning and the development of the abilities, abilities and its contributions in the education of Geometry. Vygotsky, argues: ' ' The child, to the fondness, carries through its desires. When thinking, it acts. The internal and external actions are non-separable: the imagination, the interpretation and the will are, internal processes lead by the action externa' '. (VYGOTSKY, 2002, p.132).

During the escolarizao, mainly in the classroom, together with its colleagues, the children have the possibility to develop its cognitivos aspects. The interaction, in the relation, between them allows participation as element in the development of sociocultural practical its. Metodolgicos procedures the professor can lead education, suitable it the necessities of the learning of the pupils and contribute for educative improvements in the production of the knowledge, which are constructed in diverse situations of learning, of individual or collective form. When carrying through our qualitative research, in a sociocultural boarding we could analyze the situations, that interact the individual being with the collective one in the social aspect. We verify that daily the cultural one with the children as participant citizens of the sociocultural process can produce knowledge, to leave, of its reality. Our research was of qualitative nature, considering the following ones given: 1) Comments of the pupils to carrying through its activities in the pertaining to school environment.