Fans of the power. A soccer community has chosen your anthem. Learn more at: Home Depot. There are many football songs. But probably none that is so “written on the body” a club as “Fortuna”. On Friday, February 19, 2010, the new Club song by Fortuna Cologne appears nationwide, presented by “the corny joke vs.”.The members of last year, during a vote, decided that there should be a new Fortuna Cologne Club song. Now, it is exactly these fans that make up the vocals together with the players of the NRW-Liga. “The corny joke” will present live this song was produced by Christoph Siemons in future not only in the South Cologne Stadium.

Captain Stephan Glaser was anyway, completely thrilled after first hearing: “I actually had goose bumps. This song describes the atmosphere in the stadium of the South and the feelings of the loyal fans that accompany the Club for many years very impressively.”On Saturday, February 20, 2010, the CD is directly sold to the clubhouse of the Fortuna (before mountain glacis road, Cologne). From 14: 00 of course the entire NRW Liga team Fortuna is with that sign each copy sold and to unique makes it who since no opportunity has to be at this time with this, can the CD also at,, or download or purchase but in the retail sector. A special thank you is there for the Fortuna fans who buy their copy on Friday or Saturday. The sales receipt is also the ticket to the big “chart party” on March 6, 2010 in the clubhouse of Fortuna. This will occur if placed “Fortuna” in the TOP50 of the German single charts.