We do not have capitalism and even the term "state capitalism", which is also often declared, had nothing to do with the capital market and the market workforce. Judge for yourself, for clarity and understanding will give just one example. Currently, the rulers of Kazakhstan, widely touted thesis on the best banking system in the former Soviet space. The system reportedly has successfully overcome the crisis and prosper. In recent months, Hampton Bay has been very successful. Mechanism in this case was quite simple, all of the lost (and mostly not so much lost as a result of the crisis, but simply plundered, under the brand name "Crisis") assets of the banks fully restored state of the natural heritage of the whole people, formed by the sale of country's natural resources. Our banks are in the "most perfect banking system 'completely not bear any risk and responsibility, almost all of them are nothing more than how the transmission mechanism of "transfer" of the product nationwide in private hands. The state fully compensates them for all losses, moreover, all banks are constantly adjusting, "recount" all payments on loans, adjusted for inflation, that is intentionally stated in the contracts of such a "floating" rate. Well, if banks have no risk, then what about their contribution to the fight the crisis can be said. All these declarations are designed for long obolvanennogo layman, who now, after the usual and only the State Bank, mleya from disparate number of "bred" from banks and highly respectable form of many of their employees, he believes in these fables, and then, when faced with reality, he does not have enough to do anything, as unquestioningly obey the requirement "Goodbye" to the collateral, adding to the homeless, some of the most emotional prefer even the recent increase in acts of suicide.