Simple home remedy for sore throat. The neck is thick, swallowing becomes the agony. The almonds thicken to the perceived size of tennis ball… The perfect angina or tonsillitis is ready. To combat this, there are a lot of home remedies and medicines from the pharmacy.

They often suffer neck pain and difficulty swallowing? A simple and extremely effective home remedies helps to eliminate the annoying pain in the neck! And this in a unique way. You can use this home remedy against all colds. Sore throat or swallowing. Throat inflammation, sore throat or tonsillitis. All viruses and germs – attacks. In the pharmacy, you pay an ordinary amount of cough syrup and lozenges for sucking with every cold. Unnecessarily cost anti-inflammatory drugs money! You buy vitamins in the form of fruits and vegetables or in tablet form to increase your body’s defenses again.

Sometimes helps to drink only bed rest and hot tea with lemon. An old (“Saying:” with pills and medicine a cold lasts 7 Tage…ohne medicines 1 week…; o) with this home remedy your sore throat and swallowing problems take only a fraction of the usual time. It has even the potential to eliminate the sore throat and swallowing difficulties within hours. Are taken in the evening and off to bed and soon everything is forgotten. Countless enthusiastic users reports bear witness to the effectiveness of this home remedy for sore throat and difficulty swallowing. A recent example… last week Wednesday with me a cold started with neck pain, temperature increase, nose running, runny nose and and and… Thursday taking this House. The symptoms had achieved until then its maximum. Friday it was only 2/3 so bad. 2 x more revenue on the Friday and Saturday improvement! On Sunday, the head was again totally free, no pain, only with slight nose running and cough that usually weeks stops on me after each cold. A very hard cold 4 days… cured without knowledge and application this Means it takes 9-10 days! Why you might nothing of this home remedy hear? It’s simple. The people do not know it. Helpful in: neck pain angina swallowing strep throat inflammation sore throat neck pain constantly sore throat chronic neck pain tonsillitis love Charlotte Gorner company description home remedy for sore throat and swallowing company contact: Gorner Gorner Green road 20 02977 Hoyerswerda Tel: 035781 9161533 E-Mail: Web: