The Great So Paulo that it opted to grow almost without reserves, ciliares bushes and with rectified rivers can give its certification for having at the time if transformed into area of permanent overflows of rains. This is the model that we go to continue to pursue? Seated in the donation to the victims and the taken resources of the State to cover the emergencies? That economy is this? In the field, how much cost to restitute ground and its fertility after the tickets of floods and torrents that if augment because not to respect Areas of Permanent Preservation? APP? For being a cost that the paid agriculturist in silence, year the year, in the balcony of the insumos and against the account of the interests of its loans is difficult to make this calculation. They do not lack to substances in the media and scientific studies, however, that they calculate the losses of ground and the cost of the replacement of fertility in our way of conventional production. Those meters more than the area of production, defended for the ruralistas leaderships, pay really this account? 3) The third lesson is sociopoltica. As the trees do not speak and they cannot justify its importance, we need interpreters who place evidences. We need that all parts are heard with attention and little emotion of advantages and cons as if it dealt with a soccer departure. Although the hearings, although the manifestos still lack to much dialogue and less emotiva negotiation and more helped by the scientific and traditional wisdom. Ambientalistas technician that lives the day day of the field and the proper agriculturists who observe in person its lands and the climate they need to seat pra to talk. If the compromised leaderships and the technician with the interests of the industry of insumos and the financial system wanted to attend would be an excellent possibility to review its way to make politics.