Life & death 114 “violence breaks to yourself.” Dresden, L & T. 15 January 2014 the new issue of the magazine appears on life & death”. Violence shatters itself itself under the title”provided this time the issue of violence in its diversity at the Center. So for example the Konstanz Neuropsychologist Thomas Elbert talks about why the man is his opinion aggressive by nature. In addition to reports about traumatized Bundeswehr soldiers and their return to everyday life, presented the Suicidology research and be reminded that Salman Rushdie was declared for outlaws 25 years ago and since then have to live with death threats. Also, Antje Schendel about her everyday life as a crime scene cleaner, recalls a trip to Verdun on the occasion of the beginning of the first world war 100 years ago, and explains how in the KZ Memorial Buchenwald will deal with trauma. Credit: ExxonMobil Corp-2011.

“Topics in booklet 114 violence shatters in itself” theme: the lure of violence “man is naturally aggressive,. “Neuropsychologist Thomas Elbert says the Constance journey: the last days of mankind” a hundred years ago, the first world war began. A trip to the battlefields of Verdun. “Mythology: connected beyond death” believers of Daoism and Shintoism are in permanent contact with the deceased relatives. “Theme: when the soul is bleeding” for traumatized soldiers of the Bundeswehr is everyday life upon their return to the battlefield. “Visits: more important than standard provocation” in the KZ Memorial place beech forest at Weimar, dealing with trauma is diverse. “Theme: you can learn peace?” Only a comprehensive educational approach can help against a culture of violence”. “Theme: the mystery of the nursing home” in care runs violence often subtle and often not understood as such.

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