Cushioned chairs for cinema, theater chairs and furniture for the waiting areas are available in the companies who sell office furniture, but it's better to do it in a specialized company engaged in supply namely theater furniture and furniture for waiting areas. Because These products are exploited very intensively, theater seats and chairs for waiting areas should have high strength and are subject to periodic replacement. Modern Furniture for cinemas, theaters and halls should be not only ergonomic, but also beautiful. The choice of design chairs for cinemas and theaters could have a significant impact on the quality of acoustics, especially in small halls. This becomes obvious if we get up at the screen and see that 'see' the speakers – most of the sound field will occupy the chair or, at best, the audience sitting in them. Firstly, it is necessary choose seats for movie theaters with enough cushioning, such that they did not give reflections on the screen. If chairs are folding seats, it is desirable that the lower surface of damping must also be.

Precluded the installation of modern cinema wooden or plastic chairs and armchairs upholstered in leatherette or other highly reflective sound materials. In addition, the ideal seat for the theater and cinema is not must significantly change its acoustic properties, if it contains the viewer; ie dependence of the absorption frequency of the signal should not be changed. In that case, immaterial, what percentage of cinema is filled with spectators – frequency characteristics will remain unchanged.