Towels must have a towel only to face and change this 2 to 3 times per week. Towels should generally be washed no less than 60 degrees to kill bacteria. Do not touch your face with your fingers this It can be difficult for many people, whether it is a custom that is done automatically without thinking or by stress or because seeing granite can not tighten it. The problem is that the fingers have many bacteria, if you’re from people who have oily or mixed skin and large pores these destined for an outbreak of acne by touch your face. If you want to disinfect you some better grain using a cotton or toilet tissue but never directly with your fingers. Observes your health stomach if you’re from people who have problems with the stomach and you suffer from constipation, acne may be the reaction of your skin to that problem. Since the body is not cleaned regularly, waste and toxins stay in your body longer and consequently you have a skin with more pimples, blackheads and grains.

The skin daily cleaning daily cleaning it is very important for people that suffer from acne. That is why it is extremely important to wash the skin at least twice a day. This after getting up and before going to bed. After each washing You must moisturize your skin and apply a cream for acne. Wash after each use brushes, sponges and spotted this is something that we always forget, but is no less important because if we do not we are applying dirty everytime we Ceviche us: dead cells, bacteria if you suffer from acne, traces of old make-up.