These would be some psychological reasons that do not allow us to stop smoking. To begin to overcome these reasons you pass these instructions that you should follow to combat them: 1. the social cigar. Try the following, carrying your own cigarettes and are of a different brand to which get used, a mark that you do not like and weekly change (by one of a similar amount of tar and nicotine). For any reason you ask for a cigar someone, only smoking that you have. 2.

Emotional cigars. You have to start practicing is to let cigar in the ashtray after every smoke, doing what we are doing will be leaving the cane that we unconsciously feel having cigar in our fingers and eventually need less. 3 Automatic cigars. For these cigars you must change from usual place where you leave cigarettes, for example, in the House if they are always in some furniture near or next to your bed, now leave them in the kitchen or on the first floor or a room different from yours, this will cause you to think twice if it is worthwhile to get up to smoke a cigar, in exchange for cigarettes will have a glass or bottle of water so that when you feel the urge to smoke in the morning the thou shalt make first will take a good amount of water and this will calm the anxiety of smoking. If you follow these steps, I guarantee that you will begin to lower the amount of cigarettes that you smoke for these 3 reasons.

Also remember there are physical factors, they’ll be explaining them in a forthcoming publication of the blog, stay aware of the information. I invite you when you are done reading this article immediately change from usual place your cigars, if these in the Office put them in a secluded place, if you’re at home put them in places that you suggested. And remember that when you’re smoking leave cigar in the ashtray after every smoke, this is a secret to quit very powerful, if you do this down the number of cigarettes that you smoke daily, it guaranteed you.