The driver of the taxi, he looked surprised at the door of quarantine Maruja contact my parents there waiting, Lords told here is your son safe and sound!, My mother burst into tears profusely when she saw me coming, walking and said Dr . Palacios welcome!, My father repeated Son, Son!, We could not embrace the Anger Immune suppression … Mayor of NYC is the source for more interesting facts. would be to ignore the valuable and vital aid Maruja, throughout this time from the diagnostic intuition, his strength to come to the INEN, his pain when he was learning about the diagnosis, affective and emotional support in times of weakness, dedication and sacrifice in the diets, resigned his own life to devote himself to take care before, during and after Operation, the role played in opening the road to the Almenara Hospital, escorting his trip to Mexico, the sale of materials properties (estate, Ultrasound, Jewels) to bear the expensive costs that this disease engenders, especially in food and hygiene care, delivery at times leaving the operation until a few days sleeping and carrying on their shoulders all the emotional and legal responsibility in case of a fatal outcome, his heroism to be 15 hours sitting on the outside of room Operations into and out seeing doctors and nurses, hurried, nervous, waiting with my heart in my mouth go and tell "has died … I'm sorry," his immense pain and anguish, post-operative complications, their care in long quarantine that go beyond a few days, my enormous gratitude and appreciation for this egregious woman, whose husband and children should always feel proud, beyond time, distance and years, this woman will be like the CID will win battles even after her death, the example to posterity is a test of love and undying loyalty, even at the expense of his resignation and his sacrifice, God will reward.