However, there are machines that are made somewhere somehow with all the consequences. I do not see machines from other countries in Southeast Asia and India, which as a rule, are copies of the Chinese The main performance of Korean or Chinese machine – about 30-50 pieces. per minute, although Russia has already delivered a high-speed machines and with a capacity of about 80 pieces. per minute. European machines more speed – from 120 to 250 pcs.

per minute. Different machines and by using the process of welding – thermal (including hot air) or ultrasonic. The first – easier, safer, and the second – allows you to work at high speeds, requires a certain configuration provides better anchorage. Simultaneously the machine can produce only one size. For the release of a different size is required to reinstall the so-called moldings (head) – verbs that are welling cups. Process change takes time, it all depends on the experience of the operator. Serves saw one man, though possible, with some experience, mnogostanochnik.

For the manufacture of cups and saucers may be required and some other equipment. For example, printing – printing pictures. Suitable all kinds of printing in the light of the specifics: operational (on some laser printers), offset, flexography. Can also be necessary tools for cutting, which are cut from paper blanks cups. For this purpose, suitable crucible machine, flat bed, etc. All this equipment is widely represented in Russia and used in many firms. Therefore, some enterprises producing paper utensils were created on the basis of polygraph or corrugated industries.