Month: December 2020


All things that a person makes, must be easily and with minimal effort. This happens when people do things which are specially equipped and designed. If people do what they should do, then the reward will be satisfaction, wealth and happiness, for themselves and the universe in general. Some people believe that to achieve what they want, they must work hard and for 14 or more hours a day. And for those people that is the truth.

Facts, experience and books and movies I have seen, they say them are and repeated them is. That must be the truth. In this article I say that this is a truth. But I also have another truth. This other truth is this: you can achieve anything they want doing what more you loves, what he enjoys. And you only need to work doing what you like, just a couple of hours a day or a week. All people have agreed that even the food more delicious, if you eat all the time, comes the moment it loses the taste for it.

It is necessary to wait a certain time to enjoy it again. On one occasion someone who I greatly appreciate ate quantities huge his favorite food. Resulting from that, which then never returned to eat that food. Lost you the taste. He detested it. Approaching she produced him nausea. Well, the same applies to the work in excess. People spend too much time working, so they end up hating what they do. I have good news, you can live a very different life. A life full of pleasures, wealth, and happiness. Best of all is this: every person, regardless of their level of education, relationships, his birthplace, where he lives, etc. can achieve anything they want. All. Anyone can have the life of your dreams and can have it in a fast and easy way.

World War II

Thousand of individuals are in all Brazil are submitted the conditions of enslaved works as parts dismissable human beings. The OIT in 1919, with the advent treat to Versailles after World War II, with objective of uniformizar the working questions, the overcoming of economic the subhumanas conditions of the work development, adopts six conventions specifies the protection of the health and the physical integrity of the workers recognizing as the part most fragile. But not yet it is enough, therefore the slavery still is present with a new roupagem that in such a way developed how much the globalization and the technologies, in the great metropolises is each more frequent day workers with modern illnesses as stress and the illnesses caused for the ambient conditions of work stealing its quality of life. In the field we can detach the enslaved work frequently contemporary, more for backwards of everything this the social matter says high more, therefore in the height of this work the poverty says high more, lacks decent work, the education and many are half-illiterates still are alarming the data divulged for the MTE of the enslaved work, being a question without reply. To who it bothers the dignity human being, injustice and, and beauty sensuality honesty poverty image of sadness less disfavored? In the height of the enslaved work the Northeast always detached because of the poverty and the indifference of the competent authorities with a system integrated in this practical of work that is a mortificao of the life human being and the dignity of the man, in a Country where the poor persons finish more than paying to 44% the rich taxes of what a slavery is imposed by our governing to liberate the man of the slavery and the torture is much more ample of what we imagine, is part of a guideline of conquests not only social more than inaquality that only can be fought by means of a reform tax that comes to have calculations as each social classroom at last pra to fight the slavery contemporary she is necessary to understand that: ‘ ‘ To finish with the slavery is not enough; she is necessary to destroy the workmanship of escravido’ ‘ (Joaquin Nabuco) a capitalist world and one parcel out of the kept out of society population.


At the present time was to develop a certain style of popular, not only at home but also in a particular room. So, for example a bedroom necessarily developed with consideration of its purpose, in a calm and relaxing genre. Business office on the contrary, must meet stringent and corporate style. Children's room is often made in game design. Furniture for the house are selected according to specific directions and premises.

Due to the design of the furniture situation is kind of flat. On this basis, should take into account your plan when you install the required modifications of furniture products. In the event that you have gathered design premises to make a fashionable manner, you should pay attention not only on the coffee table, but also on closets, as parts of furniture products, incredibly comfortable, and in turn, creating a modern punch premises. Such furniture perfectly underlines that the owners of the premises trying to take into account in its own way of life the latest fashion trends. In addition to artistic use, wardrobe, provided by a cool option for clothes storage in whatever room from the hallway or corridor, and finishing kitchen and hall. As for the materials from which made wardrobes, the list here is very wide, as well as components for their tiles.

More often all the production-in closets, especially low-cost, traditional uses for chipboard furniture industry. As an alternative worth considering plastic. But the best wardrobes are made from natural wood. Natural wood as raw material for the manufacture of wardrobes, of course, raises the cost of some finished products, but nevertheless is considered environmentally friendly, durable and not prone to undesirable deformation process. Finishing cabinets coupe, also if it is viewed as a share of the decorative work on writing the image at home is important. Mount the appearance is possible, with a special film that is just for pasting wardrobes. Such a film can actually implement any stylistic intent. For example, for a bedroom or dining room is the most suitable white or silver, but for a child's room is ideal combination of a pair of tones, for example yellow and blue. Consequently, the wardrobe at the moment it is not just roomy and convenient storage for items, but also excellent means to develop a modern image room.


Wiggins and McTighe call this process "backwards design" or "backwards design." This alludes to the fact that the authors propose to change the logic of how most Teachers plan lessons. Suggest abandoning the sequence-activity-assessment objectives and think about "how I'm going to realize that students learned what I wanted to learn" before thinking about how to teach. Here it is clear that when it comes to change the focus from planning to learning of students is not to say that, then the burden of success or failure of an activity will be focused on them. No way. The primary responsibility for guiding students to the proposed learning lies with the teachers, and what they do (and do not do) to accomplish these goals. When we say that it is essential to see what they do, say and write the students in relation to the purposes for which raised, then, refers above all to think about what went right and what can be done differently next time you teach. STEP 1: Where do we go? What concepts we want students to understand? What do we learn to do, understanding this both physical (eg, weigh with scales) and intellectually (for example, give grounds to substantiate a claim)? At first glance, this may seem like something we all do every time we teach. However, we suggest here that these objectives are made very specifically for each class we give. How far do we want students to come in the understanding of these concepts or the development of these thinking strategies or skills? If I am teaching "states of matter", do you want students to understand the molecular model that explains, I simply know which are the three states, I want to learn to transfer a substance from one state to another in the laboratory or want to identify substances that are in various states in nature? In other words, the teacher is responsible for cutting these goals and to do it very consciously.

Seconds Common

if you were only typing a message, making a course beyond the expedient, or, exactly, taking a coffee? if you were almost finishing one day of work and going even so for house; regretful person not to have attended the film that wanted, or to read the book that not yet bought in the last end of week? To have the son who would like to have; made the school registration in the course that wanted to make; or worried about accounts payable and the pertaining to school material of the children in that day? if was only happy and cantarolando, saudoso of aconchego of house, the kiss and hugs of the loves? if you were only breathing, only breathing and in peace with the life, celebrating the common day that had, with the favour of God? if was you, if were we, in those building pulling down and the end of the times if evidencing in rubble avalanche for the interminable time of ten seconds? if were we, vitimados for the prophecy of the Mayan calendar of the end of the world in that common night of 25 of fatdico, cruel, inconceivable January, of 2012? A fatality is fact to be the death. It is certain that according to let us walk to each its meeting, let us want or not. Beings endowed with reason the man is the only animal capable to understand the meaning of this phenomenon, in itself we know well that the hour of the departure can arrive of any form and at any time. Why, then, we live as if we were not to die? What it could distinguish those people from any one of us? Why the world finished for they while we remain livings creature and sheltered in ours redomas of protection? All histories are important, all life have a purpose that it exceeds ours little understanding.

Retrieve Documents

This situation is very common and is caused by the insertion of these media on desktops and netbooks contaminated by viruses, that to mask your files copied to your device, modify the attributes of those who are in these media, causing to not display properly from that moment. To fix it manually, follow these steps: if they have apparently disappeared documents and files from your flash memory, and thou shalt not deleted manually verifies that still kept inside, checking the occupied space, which you can do by going to my computer and in the corresponding unit selects their properties. Access the folder options tool, you can find it in the control Panel, on the view tab mark the checkbox show files and folders hidden units. In the same window bottom uncheck the box Hide protected files from the system, press OK to close the window. Now open in Windows Explorer the drive of your memory and you’ll see files although somewhat fade, the next step is to restore its attributes original. For that on the window of your memory flash by pressing and holding the Shift key gives a right-click with the mouse and selects the menu open command here window, the black CMD console window, opens now writes to it the following command and press Enter.

ATTRIB – R – S H this returned the original attributes to files in memory for what you can use them, keep them there, or copy them to another location. Now only remains to return to hide hidden files and system and thus returned to its default state, so get the reverse that you efectuaste in step 1 and 2. The previous method you can use in any kind of USB device. If you can’t have your objective to carry out the above operation in easiest way you can do it online by accessing the following website where provided that free service, just select the drive letter assigned to your device and pressing a button, the only requirement is that it only works with the Internet Explorer browser. Retrieve and view online hidden files in flash memory. In cases in which it is impossible to access folder options indicates that the changes made by the virus has been more extensive, a workaround enter in any of the following pages where explains how to restore the affected keys from the registry, manually and automatically. Restore folder options online, and view hidden files and folders view hidden files in Windows online and restore registry keys.

Wigan Warriors

The team of Rugby, the Wigan Warriors, announced that the company BSc (Body Science) will be surcharge supplements officer for the club for the 2007 season of the Rugby League. The team is really proud since the company is one of the leaders of its genre in the Australian market. The coach Brian Noble has stated that work hand in hand with a high category as this company is one of its greatest achievements, that BSc has worked with quite famous teams from Great Britain and Australia. During your workout, the Warriors will be consuming supplements of the renowned company, which will increase your energy levels and improve your immune system. In this way they will get a better diet, which will improve their physical development and will give them a better condition. Body Science is an expert company in manufacture supplements of diet that contribute to the loss of protein and strengthen the immune system. The products can be consumed by anyone, but are ideal for those who practice special activities or sports such as Rugby, requiring great physical effort. In fact it is one of the best options for athletes. After learning about the projects in which the team is involved with his new sponsor, all followers of the Warriors will be probably hoping to see a good performance on the field of play Hey Warriors better that they not disappoint them!


Vygotsky, affirms that: ' '. they.em the child the decurrent development of the contribution saw imitation, the decurrent development of the learning is the basic fact. … Because in the school the child it does not learn what it knows to make alone, but what not yet it knows to make and orientao&#039 comes it to be accessible in contribution with the professor and under its; ' (VYGOTSKY, 2001, P. 331). The cultural aspect has great importance in the construction of the knowledge of the humanity, for this looks for to study, to analyze and to argue the paper of the cultural context.

In this research, in special, its influences in the learning and the development of the abilities, abilities and its contributions in the education of Geometry. Vygotsky, argues: ' ' The child, to the fondness, carries through its desires. When thinking, it acts. The internal and external actions are non-separable: the imagination, the interpretation and the will are, internal processes lead by the action externa' '. (VYGOTSKY, 2002, p.132).

During the escolarizao, mainly in the classroom, together with its colleagues, the children have the possibility to develop its cognitivos aspects. The interaction, in the relation, between them allows participation as element in the development of sociocultural practical its. Metodolgicos procedures the professor can lead education, suitable it the necessities of the learning of the pupils and contribute for educative improvements in the production of the knowledge, which are constructed in diverse situations of learning, of individual or collective form. When carrying through our qualitative research, in a sociocultural boarding we could analyze the situations, that interact the individual being with the collective one in the social aspect. We verify that daily the cultural one with the children as participant citizens of the sociocultural process can produce knowledge, to leave, of its reality. Our research was of qualitative nature, considering the following ones given: 1) Comments of the pupils to carrying through its activities in the pertaining to school environment.

News From The World Of The Wall Decoration

Photolini is the name of the current trend for the wall. Anders can be as in photo wallpaper and co. which expanded the new photo wall system and configure according to your mood. (tdx) When it is cooler outside again and summer is slowly running out, everyone remembers gladly the last holiday. If prefer you would like to hold the impressions that the summer has left, somewhere white sandy beaches, historical monuments, or cosy barbecue evenings. How about it because, for example, a screen? Where otherwise especially picture frames, canvases and photo wall-papers are used, a new, trendy photo wall system made of light foam panels now ensures a sensation: Photolini. In contrast to his sometimes ponderous relatives”Photolini brings a crucial advantage: the new system is very flexible and can be arranged are always different.

Hardly there are limits of creativity. Image, form and arrangement of the elements are individually determined, so that on the wall a freely expandable collage formed round or angular, small or large image elements. While not all motives must be photographs; a combination of photos with solid plates loosens up the design and interesting colour accents for black and white photos. Also split images with up to 16 elements are possible. Not only its individual design is responsible for the playful design and the adaptability of Photolini but also its easy installation. Without tools, the individual elements by means of a magnetic system are attached and easily aligned on walls and furniture. The photographic plates are fitted at the rear with a thin magnet, which is fixed by an adhesive metal plates on the wall. So, the object of desire can be quickly and easily hang up”even on walls with woodchip wallpaper or pitched roof.

On the refrigerator or on magnetic paint also indefinitely keep the favorite images. And the photo wall is to be transformed once, are Elements at all times completely removable. What is Photolini still attractive? Its price. Unlike expensive photo wallpapers the new photo wall system for virtually everyone is affordable. Quickly and easily the personal object of desire over the Internet you can order, there are small formats for less than six euros, which is why Photolini ideal gift idea for friends, family, acquaintances and colleagues. Christmas can come so quietly this year! Behind Photolini is a young company from Kiel, founded in August 2009 by Christoph Jellinghaus and Carsten Jacobsen. The Photolini brand stands for a flexible, freely Extensible photo wall system, which will be online with own or professional images in various sizes and formats. As a new product in the area of wall design, Photolini 2011 has marketing and innovation awards the photo industry”award. For more information on the Internet at.

Star Mai

Sociologists in the United States identified a circular context: the need for social support is much lower than elsewhere in cities with a high rate of property. Conversely a driving back social services leads, as we observe it for quite some time in Germany, to a higher rate of ownership, because the citizens at least the roof over your head ‘ want to secure when other life risks are acute. (Cf. for example castles in 1998). Some authors go so far as to conclude that a higher ownership rate in economically underprivileged classes (Star Mai 1967, according to Bratt 2009) significantly reduces the likelihood of social unrest. Home ownership does not have the crisis better lead the concept, the citizens by a high percentage of home ownership to protect against crises and to give them a solid foundation for the preservation of a high social status, is still valid.

In a situation where the State always less comprehensive hedge risks in life can (and will), you not do without this instrument of economic policy. What is to do a critical development, as we had to observe in the United States to prevent? Educating customers about the risks associated with financing and homebuilding urgent sure is been failed in the past to regulate the financial sector effectively. Banking supervision will need to look at so-called financial innovations that move the risks in the way of a pilot game on the each advancing to market participants and lead to a total lack of transparency of risk distribution in the lending is in future. Gone are the days of a naive belief in progress in the blessings of always referred as. This should however not lead, that lending secured good projects for home builders is the problem. To do this, it is necessary to highlight also the supply side.

The future Homeowners need to assess realistically their financial possibilities. Must be the price-performance ratio at the House Party, and the House must match the financial resources of the owners. Construction or acquisition of residential property is relatively expensive in Germany, and the ownership rate is correspondingly low. Here, the market is required to offer alternatives, affordable houses, allowing families with average incomes to create home ownership and thus provide for the future. True pioneering work in these areas is a young company from Berlin, the K.O.M concept GmbH, which offers a full consultancy and construction education in addition to a very interesting house offering first every potential customer. Conclusion the unrest is great, and rightly, many citizens fear the burden of the crisis are unilaterally dumped on their shoulders. There is talk even of looming social unrest in Germany. At all precautions that expedient in view of developments in the United States, the instrument of the increase in the rate of home ownership should not be neglected. Corresponding offers can help here, but also a commitment of policy to this social concept. “Bratt, Rachel (2009): homeownership as social policy in the U.S.: risk and responsibility after the Subprime Crisis Wolfgang Eggert, Tim Krieger (2009): home ownership” as a substitute for social policy: the emergence of the financial crisis in the United States, in: economy service no. 6 / 2009 (June 2009).