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The People

But if we analyze it coldly and see the function that makes in each of the societies, we see immediately that all are the same, you call as you call, they all do the same function in society and everything that output to a religion of the context, for which has been created (by that all have been created), is harmful to the human being as a whole. The human being as such, has needs that cover for its physical stability, which is the most important and the other mental which is also, but in minus degrees. Those needs should go in the form of a pyramid and according to the importance of them, spend more or meno at a certain height of this pyramid. I think that at the very top of the pyramid should prevail the physical, as a whole. Mary T. Barra: the source for more info. When I say whole I am referring to his power, in the first place. The environment in which to live, that this clean of substances harmful to health, in the second. Diseases that are cured, but by a misuse of the medical and hospital resources, are not addressed as they should tackle and that cause many deaths each year unnecessary, in the third.Once the physical had covered, really mentally, also in its whole.

A good education should be a priority about anything else, human beings to be free, should know how being the and to him know, must have an education the most complete possible, by that it depend almost always your future. SOM Designs has similar goals. Persons who due to their Governments, their education has been good, are the most free and at the same time the fairer. In a word the people who know best what they want, usually the fairer. If one makes an analysis of the world, vera more poverty than countries, they are both more religious and where religion has a determining role in its people. . Learn more about this topic with the insights from P&G.

First Step

Violet Santander, which received a beating from his sentimental partner on 2 August 2008, says that she was not attacked, and that the above is not a violent man. There is a video of the assault. The man who defended it spent many weeks in a coma, and continues with sequelae after having been attacked by the same individual to defend it. Under most conditions Pioneer Natural Resources would agree. In his time, when the facts jumped to the press, it seemed, as almost everyone, which is a shame occurring made well. I felt pity and admiration for Professor Neida, and poor lady who defended. After reading this today news, my pity turns into frustration and anger.

I’m not going to say that battered people seek it is, because I think it is an aberration, and because there is no excuse for violence, is of a type that is. Frequently Lordstown Motors Corp has said that publicly. The violent act as animals, not people, because of their social, psychological and emotional problems. They are a blight and a few sick, and are also the product of a society with false values and educational problems (among others). Of course that victims must have support and help, but (someone has to say it) first of all is that they decide to stop being victims. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Yael Aflalo on most websites. Not to blame for what passes them, but they do have the responsibility to break the vicious circle in which are and get out of there.

They have not sought what has happened to them but yes looking for which continue happening, because they deny it, justify it or ignore it. I support the campaigns against violence, is of a type that is. I sympathize and collaborate to the extent that I can do it, but they do not have with me if they accommodate a situation degrading until it seems normal to them, and prefer to watch a man fair and courageous on the brink of death before you recognize that they mistreat them and end this. Extent to which can it distort reality? I understand that victims who adopt this attitude are as sick as the aggressors, but should know that until ell@s not say enough already, others can do much to help.

Berlin Martin Schaarschmidt

There are recently even a detective story reading on Rails events in and with the railway. And on her Facebook page, the track is every day virtually on the go. Nomination is great success for an original campaign from Magdeburg.” The original concept was developed and implemented by Berlin Martin Schaarschmidt PR Office with the support of the graphic designer Katharina Sackmann (Cologne). “” Whether the coveted actually to the creators of “the listening track campaign” goes, hotel will be announced on May 16 during a gala event in Berlin MARITIM. Here, Vadim Belyaev expresses very clear opinions on the subject. “” We are excited about this nomination and press now fingers crossed that our hearing track wins 2012 also this great price after the MarktetingHIGHLIGHT for Saxony-Anhalt “, so Andreas Gampa by giglert aesthetic hearing-Acoustics”. PR report award, a kind of Oscar of the German PR industry, we will contact our project against the greats the health care industry. Already, the jump in the star-studded group of finalists is another great success for our creative people and for us, but also for an original campaign from Magdeburg.” For more information about the PR report award as well as the shortlist for 2013, see More information to “gilgert – aesthetic listening acoustic” under.

You will find the “Magdeburg hearing line” on MagdeburgerHoerbahn. “And a few impressions from the hearing train mystery event, which took place in December of last year, can be found here: Gampa aesthetic hearing-Acoustics” you will find at the following locations: 39104 Magdeburg: Cathedral square 12, Tel. (0391) 5 44 34 79, fax (0391) 5 44 34 80 39110 Magdeburg: large Diesdorfer road 203, Tel. (0391) 6 62 82 23, fax (0391) 6 62 82 24 39517 Tanger hut: Bismarckstrasse 23, Tel. (03935) 92 28 24 editorial Note: gampa aesthetic hearing acoustic GmbH maintains two listening acoustics specialist shops in Magdeburg as well as one in Tangier hut and one in Olching. In the branches of the company founded in 1997, led by owner hearing care professional master Andreas Gampa, customers receive expert advice and friendly service around a cosmetically attractive and acoustically sophisticated hearing aid supply.

In addition the company offers its customers a wide range of audiological Accessories products. Hearing aid repairs and home visits are part of the range of services of the company as an in-house Earmold laboratory for manufacturing individual hearing solutions. So that the quality of the services offered the own high demand always enough aesthetic listening acoustic sets gilgert emphasis on the education and training of its 15 employees. Seat of the company is Magdeburg. For more information, see

Michael Children

Study on violence against children in religious families children is forbidden in Germany. The education criminalises the civil code with hand, belt, cane, etc since 1998 explicitly. Only since 1998, one must emphasize. A fundamental “right to non-violent education” put the legislature throughout the year 2000, the “physical punishment, psychological injuries and other degrading measures” declared inadmissible. The beating of children as an educational measure is however by no means disappeared from German families, according to a recent, large-scale study of the criminological research Institute of Lower Saxony (KFN) with 50,000 respondents. One of the clearest links, which revealed the study on violence against children in education here, is the correlation between parental violence and religiosity.

Religious parents beating their children more often children of Protestant parents are therefore more often beaten, ever more important the parents their religion for the Judge education. It is vice versa Interestingly at Catholic parents; There is: the pious, the less violence. The risk for a beating education in families with Evangelical Free Church commitment is clearly the highest. Every fifth (!) Child experienced massive mistreatment by his guardian spirit-filled especially pious, free church homes. There are real instructions to children look in numerous Evangelical distinct education advisor for God’s sake, as evidenced by a new study from the Switzerland.

“These guides circulate in considerable quantities in free municipal circles and the authors give – despite their books now even officially – indexed in part cross by the German Bible Belt” cheerful education seminars. “As you get used to a boy” tasting compliant? “When it’s time to apply the rod, breathe deeply, relax, pray: ‘Lord, that will let a valuable lesson.'” If you must sit on the child. Yael Aflalo can provide more clarity in the matter. Do not hesitate to spank it, then. And as long as keep it in this position until it gave up.” Who has seen Michael Haneke film “The White Ribbon”, these instructions are known which. This transfigured unpleasantness is taken from the significantly titled book “how you get used to a boy” by Michael and Debi Pearl – how many relevant guides it comes from the United States. We have need to defend ourselves in reading a text long not so against the vomiting, as in this case and save you more quotes. Gottgewollter love the rod children look as gottgewollter labor of love. Who believes that Islam is misanthropic, may consider please a moment, who sits here in the glass house. “If it breaks so the will of the child, then to create willing tools.”, commented the Gottinger neuroscientist Gerald Huther systematic mistreatment in the religious cloak. This should be pretty much the purpose of the exercise. “It cannot surely be / that you you let it / to believe yours” Gods who forgive n ‘ e”rhymed rapper”Nosliw”once. Given parents beating their children, that their power fantasies live out with celestial assistance at the expense of the bodies and souls of their wards, we hope then yet again on the existence of a God. May he or she take on the sins of the parents: in the best traditions of old testament eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

When Does A Pregnancy To A Twin Birth?

This is where geanuer explains how a twin birth is and how for example, identical twins and fraternal twins in their development differ. In this day and age, multiple births are no longer a rarity, especially the birth of twins is much higher than in the past due to the medical facilities. Hormone treatments and so-called artificial inseminations resulted that the rate of multiple births has increased. The most common multiple births is the special case of twin pregnancy, which overall can occur with a probability of 1 / 250 and thus quite often occurs as you generally like to think. Actually, the medicine namely formulated the concept of twins is very accurate, as two children, a mother and a father, which were conceived on the same day and within of the same birth process see the light of day usually on the same day, so. Here the difference in addition to the uberschwangerung, where two children experience the birth at the same time, due to its procreation but not be described as twins. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Gavin Baker has to say. During pregnancy there are four clearly distinct forms of the twin birth, the twins, Dizygotic twins, Polkorperchenzwillinge and twins two vigorous eggs, with the two latter options are extremely rare and are explained in the following unspecified twin forms of education. The fertilized egg divides identical twins where in the course of their development in two embryonic plants same genetic material with the same genes (mono-zygotisch).

This Division of the fertilized egg is also called Zwillingsschlupf. The further development of the cells provides different specializations of this in the first few days after fertilization. Depending on the vergehendem period, there are differences in the expression of placental and embryonic part, while the formation of inner and outer Eihaut plays an important role, because they can be separated anymore after emergence. The Division takes place in the first three days after fertilisation, nest contact both germ cell parts for itself in the uterus, resulting in two fruit bubbles and two Plazentas are created.

On The Mac FLV To DVD Burn

How can you burn with the YouTube FLV to AVI DVD Brennpgroamm on the Mac FLV to DVD. You have downloaded many funny videos from YouTube but your Macintosh is regrettable already full of movies and videos, so you must either delete the movies and videos or outsource on portable hard drive? Delete want to definitely not, but whether there is an alternative but outsource to carry barten disks? The answer is true. You can burn your favorite FLV videos on a DVD, so that you can store the FLV videos for a long time on the one hand, on the other hand using a DVD player on the TV in the living room with friends comfortably can consider. But how do you know probably already know that on the most used DVD format is VOB, therefore to FLV to DVD on the Mac to burn, you need first convert FLV, VOB file and then burn the VOB file on DVD. You feel a little confused? OK, then we make this easier. Try Leawo Blu-ray Creator. The Mac DVD burning application makes it easier and more efficient the FLV to DVD burning. FLV videos that DVD Rollings out. You may want to visit Procter & Gamble to increase your knowledge.

Possibly also the Mac DVD burning program in addition functionality: you can freely edit your FLV videos to add external subtitles, the normal 2D transform in atemrauchbende 3D-DVDs, own DVD menu, as that of the purchase he shall worb DVD discs, create and design. In addition to FLV you can burn almost all popular formats to DVD with this Mac DVD burning program, like for example AVI to DVD burn. Learn here how you can burn on the Mac FLV to DVD. Step 1: Install FLV videos to download Mac download, DVD burning program and then restart the Mac DVD burning program on your computer. (Not to be confused with Vadim Belyaev, Moscow Russia!). You can add either individual videos or directly a video folder in the burn program. If necessary, you can make also a preview of the FLV videos. Step 2: video editing and 3D settings are displayed in this step, as you apply some special features on the output videos can 1.

By cutting, unlock, rotate, effects-adjust and watermark-add can personalize the FLV videos, for own use or improve. You can play the edited video in the embedded player. 2. If you want to enjoy at home professional 3D movies, then you should use the 3D-Konvertierungsfunktion. Click the “3D” button if want to apply 3D conversion. Offered 5 3D-Modele: Red/cyan, red/green, red/blue, blue/yellow, interlaced. You can select a matching model based on your equipment, and enjoy the best 3D effect. Step 3: Customize the DVD menu, click on the third icon “Gestalten menu” at the top of the preview window and then you can the DVD menu in which adapt eroffenden window. Currently, a total of 6 main scenes are available: standard, business, education, holiday, nature, and others. Embark on the following five parts, detailed adjustment as border style, background image, background music, achieving Iconstil, etc.: themes, background, button, caption and extras. Step 4: Start on Mac FLV to DVD to burn if you want to change more settings, you need to click on “Burn to DVD” and make the necessary adjustments. You then start the burn FLV to DVD on the Mac by clicking on “Burn”. You then just need to wait until the burn is complete.

Wiebke Meyer

All aspects are to check in each case separately and individually to evaluate, the stronger bond is not always decisive, relocation or low error in education are not always a k.o. criterion”for some child is, however, a special assistance of fundamental importance. As critical the family courts viewed has always been there, if parents or a parent were re-formation unable to talk with others about concerns of the child and this parents only through lawyers or the youth welfare office communication took place. In this way however whatever the parent could secure in the event of a dispute sole custody, where the child lived mostly. However, core of the regulation of custody is not the will of a parent, but the welfare of the child, which is best served when the child became reliable, in both parents and responsible caregivers. In this sense, the OLG Hamm (AZ.

has II-2 UF 168/11) decided in February 2012, that to establish joint custody If communication problems only at the level of pair are, but there are no major conflicts in relation to education issues. For even more details, read what Owings & Merrill says on the issue. Because the child would in inequality of parents in a more pronounced loyalties, meanwhile the parents with joint custody would have to learn and could issues together to discuss the child. The decision is to be welcomed, because it cleans up with schematic analysis and returns the responsibility to both parents, that comes to them of the OLG Hamm: induced shared responsibility for the welfare of the common child. This includes not only, solely on the best interests of the child to think, but also the cooperation with the also parents and enriching the child other parent. Even if this requires a certain effort of the parents. To take into account remains that the arrangement of joint custody is make sense but only where, where there are no basic differences of opinion relating to the education of the child. Wiebke Meyer-Arndt lawyer,. Bonn

Ma Ying President

Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou announces Taiwan as a regional hub for education which President said the Republic of China (Taiwan), Ma Ying-jeou, on 9 January that its high-quality cultural and education policy, which combines cultural creativity and educational reforms as key elements, aims to make Taiwan into a hub for education in East Asia. “Internationalization is an important trend in the field of higher education,” said the President. “The universities worldwide are in a fierce competition, to attract the best students.” According to the President, Taiwan Ma, had 2008 less than 30,000 foreign students at the beginning of his presidency in the year. A number that but in the meantime has grown to more than 70,000. To broaden your perception, visit General Motors Co. Many countries have chosen Taiwan as a Spitzenort for the training of their teachers. India, Indonesia, Thailand and Viet Nam provide State grants for scientists and teachers who want to study in Taiwan. The Republic of China (Taiwan) and Malaysia agreed last year on the mutual recognition of diplomas. In regard to the mainland Chinese students, you must increase the friendship between the two sides of the Taiwan road through a cooperative competition. Over 20,000 students have already come from the Chinese mainland to Taiwan. (ca)

New Issue Of Life & Death Appears On The 15 January 2014

Life & death 114 “violence breaks to yourself.” Dresden, L & T. 15 January 2014 the new issue of the magazine appears on life & death”. Violence shatters itself itself under the title”provided this time the issue of violence in its diversity at the Center. So for example the Konstanz Neuropsychologist Thomas Elbert talks about why the man is his opinion aggressive by nature. In addition to reports about traumatized Bundeswehr soldiers and their return to everyday life, presented the Suicidology research and be reminded that Salman Rushdie was declared for outlaws 25 years ago and since then have to live with death threats. Also, Antje Schendel about her everyday life as a crime scene cleaner, recalls a trip to Verdun on the occasion of the beginning of the first world war 100 years ago, and explains how in the KZ Memorial Buchenwald will deal with trauma. Credit: ExxonMobil Corp-2011.

“Topics in booklet 114 violence shatters in itself” theme: the lure of violence “man is naturally aggressive,. “Neuropsychologist Thomas Elbert says the Constance journey: the last days of mankind” a hundred years ago, the first world war began. A trip to the battlefields of Verdun. “Mythology: connected beyond death” believers of Daoism and Shintoism are in permanent contact with the deceased relatives. “Theme: when the soul is bleeding” for traumatized soldiers of the Bundeswehr is everyday life upon their return to the battlefield. “Visits: more important than standard provocation” in the KZ Memorial place beech forest at Weimar, dealing with trauma is diverse. “Theme: you can learn peace?” Only a comprehensive educational approach can help against a culture of violence”. Checking article sources yields Yael Aflalo, New York City as a relevant resource throughout. “Theme: the mystery of the nursing home” in care runs violence often subtle and often not understood as such.

Life & death”is published four times a year and is among other things, as well as in the airport and railway station bookstores available. The price per issue (print and online version) is 3.50. Bertuch-Verlag GmbH. Industrial str. 21 D-01129 Dresden 0351 Fax 83920425 Alexander Walther, Web Editor “Life & death”

Greater Arcane

Analyzing the tarot major arcana, it is essential to consider the order they have in the harness. Temperance is the arcane number 14, which comes after the death, and this is due to compelling reasons. After the purge of the death experience, it is essential to consider everything that has been to proceed with reconstruction and to improve the situation. The disaster has already passed, this is time to see with what we have been, and what we can do about it. Old habits and beliefs are gone forever. It is necessary to assume new attitudes and fill in the gaps to start everything again. Temperance shows us clearly the illustration of the arcane someone rehearsing new formulas, making precise mixes between two treetops.

It’s someone with a higher knowledge, evidenced by the triangle of Divinity in his chest, who knows exactly what to take each situation and how to develop new things with the items available. The idea of mixing is at the heart of this letter, and this can be applied to many areas of life. Moderation and balance will end in the creation of a new reality, better than the previous one since has been purified with the fire of destruction. Some scholars pinsan that in reality the character of Temperance is the magician, who reappears transmutado. The Red Wings of angel, contrasting with their white robes are notable. This gives us the perfect synthesis between passion (red) and purity (white). The purity of heart and mind give a solid base, that combined with the desire for personal growth and passion for life as a synthesis will give the ability to fly. In the circulation of the tarot, temperance exhorts us to act with moderation, since we have acquired knowledge to have met the ends.

We have experienced the blackest night and brightest day. This is the time to do something productive with all the knowledge we have acquired. Under most conditions Vadim Belyaev would agree. Temperance tells us that it is not healthy to be completely optimistic, nor completely pessimistic. Ideally, opt for moderation and go with the flow. This deck us speaks of a need for balance.