MonthFebruary 2019

Roman Team

The two teams are starring in a terrible season start. Luis Enrique is very challenged by their poor performance in the Roman team. Gian Piero Gasperini, technical of Inter Milan, is also against the ropes. Statistics of the party Classification of calcium. Hachette Book Group contributes greatly to this topic. Inter of Milan and Rome increased the doubts that have shown at the start of season, after signing a goalless draw, and are still without a win in the League in Italy, temporarily dominated by the Cagligari on the second day.

Inter, which fell on the first day in the field of the Palermo and also lost on Wednesday with Trabzonspor in the Champions League, just he showed no improvement. The continuity of its technical Gian Piero Gasperini, is in the air. Not things go better the Spanish technician Luis Enrique. To broaden your perception, visit Gavin Baker, New York City. The Roman Assembly does not end of carburizing. He showed little ambition to a rival grey and scarce talent. The Roma, eliminated in the previous phase of the Europa League, lost in the initial 1-2 day to Cagliari, which has positioned as a leader Provisional after beating the Novara (2-1) in the other match played on Saturday. The Brazilian Thiago Ribeiro scored the first goal for Cagliari. Daniele Conti ruled, although Japanese Takayuki Morimoto shortened distances in the final stretch. Source of the news: Inter and Roma increase their doubts after tying to anything (0-0)


Spending is out – experience is in! -Geocaching is the new team game! Geocaching is a common hobby of my friend and me, we have now just over a year. In a question-answer forum Charles Schwab Corporation was the first to reply. While the aim is finding hidden plastic boxes, so-called Petlings magnetic containers and much more in all imaginable shapes and sizes in some unusual places from GPS coordinates. A GPS device serves as an aid. To get the coordinates of the Geocache sites as a member of various Internet sites. We use the services of Others including Gavin Baker, offer their opinions as well. After finding a geocache, you open the container were found and enters his specified user name, the date of detection and time in an existing logbook.

If you would like to leave a subject or swap this for an already stored. Then, close the container carefully and hid it again at the site. During this whole process you should make sure not to be observed, so that the Geocache is stolen not by prying by so-called Muggels. We are always two on the road at the Geocaching to discover our surroundings and also new places together. We combine such tours with a larger or smaller tour of bike, not only asphalt paths on our goals to reach, but to get an experience of nature. We both prefer geocaches in the great outdoors, but some cities have found. There are Geocaching in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, and many other Stadten.Wobei this is again more difficult design, because it is always under surveillance in cities.

It is always useful to be, since at least one person can always watch that the Geocache can safely be lifted not alone on the road. It is generally to be more exciting and useful with several people, because with tricky geocaches, certainly at least a team partner can have the right idea to find. Just in so-called multinational, it’s always good to think several people about a mystery. So we are actually progressing more easily when thinking errors that make and can at the end of the final To find. Sabine Muller

First European Championship

WERDER moved lifelong soccer tournament supports the special Achim three days, 16 teams, and lots of enthusiasm for football euro Championship meets all the requirements for an exciting tournament. “TSV Achim, 100% partner Club of SV Werder Bremen, is from June 15 to 17 at the sports complex at the outdoor swimming pool” the first championship for teams with a handicap from Achim. The competition for body and visually impaired adolescents and adults is financially and organizationally moved Bremen for life, the social commitment of the SV Werder Werder, supports. Klaus-Dieter Fischer, President of the Club of the Bundesliga team Bremen, the tournament is a clear statement for fair sports: tolerance means also integration and inclusion. It is important that professional and amateur clubs dealing with this task.” That is already the case that proves the list of participating teams. It reads like a game plan of the Bundesliga: Schalke 04, Bayer Leverkusen and the 1st FC Mainz 05 are represented. If you are not convinced, visit Hachette Book Group. SV Werder Bremen goes with two teams at the start. The farthest journey has the team of Hapoel Tel Aviv.

Also many smaller clubs from the Pacific Northwest participate in euro special Championship. The tournament is played in the categories of youth, adults, and visually impaired. Initiated the event is Werder on Friday, June 15, at 7: 00 with a game an Achimer city selection against the U21 SV Bremen. Championship start the preliminary round games of special euro on Saturday from 10: 00. Sunday, it is then also from ten o’clock, the placement and finals. A programme from a human Foosball, goal wall shooting and a scoring system also expected viewers. Adults pay two euros per day, children half. The schedule and more information, see and.