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Austria KJUS

Seven days, five amateur freeriders in three countries. From 15 to 21 March 2012 Stefan Hausl in the Alps is one of the most exclusive freeride trips takes place with KJUS team rider. Seven days, five amateur freeriders in three countries. From 15 to 21 March 2012 the Nordica occurs with KJUS team rider and Pro freeriders Stefan Hausl in the Alps is one of the most exclusive freeride trips, extreme of days 2012. Five amateur freeriders from Austria, Germany and of Switzerland will receive the unique opportunity to be during a seven-day freeride road trip through the Alps with.

Stefan Hausl, KJUS Teamrider and Freeride World Tour riders (ranking No. 4 worldwide) will accompany the group not only on a wide range of mountains and hills, but also daily along with the crew a new country target target. The spectacular rides are accompanied by a cameraman, to hold so all the memorable moments of this trip for the participants. Extreme days can all those amateur freeriders from Switzerland, a place at the Nordica Austria and Germany, reap applying under. A jury, consisting of KJUS, Nordica, Mercedes-Benz, Red Bull all participating partners, Ortovox and level gloves – will invite 40 freeriders in February in St.

Anton am Arlberg, where can qualify then five participants for the tour. KJUS is equip with a complete outfit of KJUS in the freeride 5 companions collection. In addition to the exclusive freeride trip Stefan Hausl, participants enjoy a Mercedes-Benz GLK shuttle services come with free nights during the whole trip, Nordica freeride skis, Ortovox safety equipment, level gloves and Red Bull drinks. Application on the premium sports brand KJUS KJUS and KJUS system are trademarks or registered trademarks of LK International AG. The LK International AG with headquarters in Cham, Canton of Zug, Switzerland, is the parent company, which developed the products of premium sports brand KJUS, manufactures and globally distributes in 32 countries. KJUS was founded in the year 2000 and Since then enjoys a solid reputation as a manufacturer of uncompromising ski clothing and down jackets. KJUS is also known for its spirit”mountain lifestyle collection, which combines the fashion of the metropolises with functionality. In 2011, the product range was expanded high-quality outdoor and golf clothing. KJUS stands for highest functionality, maximum performance, outstanding quality and independent design. The special Schnittfu? currency and the use of premium stretch materials offer this comfort and freedom of movement. Each model of KJUS spirit, ski, golf and outdoor collection reflects the enthusiasm of fu? r reflected the sport. You set new standards and are an expression of the KJUS performance lifestyle.

Brenda Lyons Masters

From August 25th 28th finds World Masters Cycling Federation road race World Championship in St. Johann Tirol instead. Pompano Beach, Florida – Stradalli cycle manufacturer for carbon equipment Announces proudly bike with, that fold the 3 US national champion and five-time Florida State Champion Kristin Sanders Tyrol for the team Stradalli cycle at the start will be the masters in St. Johann. St. Johann in Tirol is situated in a wide valley between the mountain massif of the Wilder of Kaiser and the Kitzbuheler Horn in the Centre of the District of Kitzbuhel.

The Kitzbuheler ache, Reither ache and Fieberbrunner ache unite here to the Grossache, which flows in Bavaria as the Tiroler ache in the Chiemsee. The village lies at an altitude of 660 metres, the highest elevation is the Maukspitze 2.231 m height. The municipality covers an area of 5,915 hectares. The UCI masters race in St. Johann are among the oldest masters races worldwide. Like every year it attracts the elite this year between August 25-28 of the cycling St. Johann. With for Stradalli cycle, Kristin Sanders.

Kristin a veteran of the United States professional cycling peloton is women on a RED-PRO Trebisacce with Shimano Ultegra DI2 electronic shift system participate in the race. A sponsor and sponsor (Stradalli cycle) the UCI masters in Tirol Thomas Steinbacher says Kirstin is a wonderful addition to our women team Stradalli cycle which will determine with great security in addition to Brenda Lyons racing decisively!” The Stradalli Trebisacce RED-PRO with Stradalli wheel set has been decisively adapted to Kristin by our technical team and will be the perfect companion for the 40 km stretch of the mountain circuit through the electronic Shimano Ultegra DI2. About Stradalli cycle: Stradalli cycle has its roots in Germany, but the headquarters is located in South of Florida. Stradalli cycle sold to athletes all over the world and has secured for itself now its stand among the best carbon frame manufacturers.

Leadership In Teams

Motivations are associated with many times the needs and wishes, however, there are substantial differences. The need becomes a motive when it reaches an adequate level of intensity. You can define motivation as the search for the satisfaction of the need, which decreases the tension caused by the same. Although the motivations are very linked to the needs, a same need can give rise to different motivations and vice versa. For example, a physiological necessity, as it may be to feed themselves, can cause a physiological motivation, or pass to a motivation of esteem, in which case, would meet its food need in a fancy restaurant, and not on any site.

Motivated behavior usually comes from an unmet need, and is obtained through various incentives that can be represented by products, services or people. The incentives that motivate consumers to action can be positive or negative: consumers move toward positive incentives, and try to avoid the negative. The study of motivation tries to answer the question do you?, what is what really takes the consumer to lean on the purchase of such product?. At this level, the role of marketing is very important, because although you can not create needs, yes you can detect the motivations and guide its process of seeking satisfaction of the need towards certain products. LEADERSHIP all leading has the commitment and obligation to ensure the personal, professional and spiritual self-improvement of those around him. It is a responsibility that we must take as individuals. Generally recognizes the figure of a leader to be who is going to your head on your shoulders has the responsibility to carry out all kinds of projects, distinguishing itself by being a person with initiative, with the ability to know and enterprising convey their thoughts to others, understanding of people and the developed ability to combine efficient work teams.

Monarchis Name

Wolf-Dieter Guip communicates for the Monarchis Grundbesitz mbH Neu-Ulm since June 2008 is a Wolf-Dieter Guip (57) for the press – and public relations and investor relations of the Monarchis company of Grundbesitz mbH with headquarters in Neu-Ulm responsible. I see the very dynamically developing real estate trade and financial management company of Monarchis as a good challenge, based on my many years of experience whose reputation in the public and increase with qualified information to strengthen investor confidence further”says Dipl.-Betriebswirt Wolf-Dieter Guip. The Monarchis company of Grundbesitz mbH operates successfully in the real estate trade and acquired currently 17 multi family houses with 85 apartments located near Kassel. Still, the company has issued a capital market issue, whose ranking runs very well. As press spokesman and head of press and public relations and investor relations is Guip since June 2008 new on Board of the Monarchis team. Wolf-Dieter Guip, the last over three years as Adviser for press and public relations, as well as freelance journalist was active, press – and public relations, as well as investor launched previously of ALNO AG almost 10 years as a press spokesman the areas of relations. Contact for the press: Wolf-Dieter Guip press and public relations, investor relations, 89231 Neu-Ulm, Edisonallee 1-3 phone: 0731 980 996 59 fax: 0731 980 996 30 mobile: 0177 35 65-666 E-mail: Web: the Monarchis Grundbesitz mbH with headquarters in Neu-Ulm is a wholly-owned subsidiary of global asset AG, Munich. Monarchis is a successful real estate business and financial managers with a recent focus on residential real estate in Western and central Germany.

Effective Leadership Duo

Newly formed Board of the IT company STP Informationstechnologie AG has newly up and focused on two members of the responsibilities of the Board. The company founder Ralph Suikat and Gunter Thies in the future make the new leadership duo, Florian Schwiecker leaves the company after two years of successful work as sales and Marketing Director. He will in future increasingly to promote the expansion of his independent activity, remain the STP AG in the future friendly connected and bring his years of experience. With the now-announced restructuring we are ideally positioned to meet the requirements of efficient and economical solutions for our customers”, Ralph Suikat explains our unconditional customer orientation and short communication channels are central components of our success.” The STP AG is today the fourth largest provider of lawyer software in Germany and celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. The product is winsolvenz in nationwide over 1000 Insolvency practitioner law firms in operation, covering 70% of the market. For around six years, STP with LEXolution also has a document management system for lawyers, accountants and Auditors in the program, with which they can digitize your file management and workflow. Florian Schwiecker has successfully promoted the development and the marketing of this new Division as a sales and marketing executive. He will bring advised his contacts and experience in the course of its future independent activities in the company.

STP Informationstechnologie AG STP Informationstechnologie AG is a visionary and at the same time conservatively-run IT companies. founded in Karlsruhe in 1993, became the fourth largest provider STP lawyer software in Germany and is the third largest manufacturing of industry in terms of turnover. The Board consists of the founders of Gunther Thies and Ralph Suikat. Now nearly 80 qualified people for the company work. Core competence is the Development of software solutions and information systems for lawyers, judicial authorities and all institutions related to this circle in contact.