Are you going to repair, and do not know where to start? Start by selecting the style of your interior. Many areas in the design of apartments and kotezhdey. Today we'll talk about one of them. So, let's begin. English style is a combination of smooth and bright surfaces, parts made of glass, wood, metal and fabric. It is functional, comfortable and succinct despite the unusual combination of different materials, colors and things.

He was born in the early 17 th century, when England became a world center of commerce and a strong colonial country. During this period in England worked many foreign masters: the Flemish and Italian. Because of this English style incorporates the features architecture of other countries. Since the colonies were imported different interior, as the English loved luxury and comfort of their ancestral homes. In vogue with large windows, red brick with white stone and bas-reliefs.

In thought Planning home in a convenient location of residential and ancillary rooms, their proportions and harmonious design of facades with elegant decoration, the English nebylo equal. The interior has always combined the comfort and convenience. That is why this style so loved by many. To create a little England at home, you need to know a few important rules in the design of the premises: 1. Paul. In the living room and hall flooring is preferred, but you can use laminate flooring, linoleum or carpet coating. Solid, terracotta. In non-residential premises (kitchen, bathroom, closet) can be monotonous tile terracotta color or colored square tiles arranged in a checkerboard pattern (alternating white and black squares). Possibly use for the flooring and PVC. 2. Wall. The walls are divided into three zone. The first zone – a space between the skirting boards to the back of a chair or chair. About 1 meter. She finished with wood-colored panels or thick textured wallpaper in a vertical strip that would create the desired effect. It is designed to protect walls from chairs and armchairs. Stands, this area a border of wood or paper frieze, depending on the materials used for this space. The second area – the space from the ceiling frieze margin of 20-30 inches and up the first band down. His trim wallpaper, fabric, paint and wood. Depending on the purpose room pick up the style. For example, if a cabinet, it is better that it was a tree with thin slabs in rack separate areas for mounting pictures, mirrors and all kinds of shelves. If this room, bedroom, then there will suit a more soft and delicate materials (wallpaper, fabric, paint, venetian plastering). The color scheme for such premises may be one color or a picture. Figure can be used as vegetable (flowers, twigs, etc.) and abstraction. Colors can be varied, but they should be harmoniously combined with your situation. The third zone – razrisovuetsya manually with garlands of flowers, you can also use the panels imprinted with leather or textured wallpaper, reminiscent of an elegant stucco. 3. Ceilings. Ceiling paint is held in light colors, you can use stucco rosettes on the corners of the room. Required attribute – this ceiling cornice or plinth. Materials for the cornice could be wood, plaster, plastic, paper. Remember, little things do not happen in the interior. Every object in your house or apartment creates interior. Carefully select the colors. She may be wide, but must successfully harmonize with your furnishings and decoration of rooms.