MonthJuly 2016

Great Architect

Once recovered, I raised my voice, and said: Desgraciado me if I reveal the great mysteries! Unlucky me. But, I feel at once that something must be done, in the absence of a holy temple to house our silence, something to do, to sacred things entrusted to us, not lost in the mists of oblivion, this is the reason for your presence, men and brethren, what shall we do? All initiates were silent. After a while, one of the congregation, called Rabbi Abba, got up and going to where I was, there was this: a Puedo say a few words with your permission, Grand Master, I ask: Is not that secrets written belong to those who obey? And we who are gathered at this time, we do not obey the Great Architect of the Universe? Are we not already initiated into the secrets of the Temple? With these words, Rabbi Abba, turned his eyes to the rest of the disciples, they bowed their heads in approval and pledged to keep secret everything that happens at the meeting. Then they made a circle around me, placed his hands with mine, and solemnly raised with me the sign of brotherhood toward the sky. After performing the prayer circle, I called the disciple Eleazar and I did sit in front of me, then I asked the rabbi Abba that she would adopt the other side. Then I said: a Formamos the triangle, which is the primary model of all that exists, we represent the gate of the temple and its two columnas.a Then I stayed quiet and everyone respected my silence.

Edmund Burke Si

However, we took him with exalted fidelity; We identify with him, like us, we are ridiculously proud of him, as if we ourselves had invented it sometime in inspiration.-Milan Kunder, in Immortality (Grove). The attitude is more important than the past, education, money, circumstances, and what others think, say or do. It is more important than appearance, talent, and skill. It can lead to success or failure a company, a church or a home.The remarkable thing is that every day We are in possibility to choose which attitude we will take action. We cannot change our past.

We cannot change the behavior of those around us. We cannot avoid the inevitable. Single rope which can press is that we have at our disposal, and that’s the attitude. -Charles Swindoll manners are more important than laws. Of those, in large part, depend on these. The law affects us here and there, from time to time.

Manners are what stirs us or calms, corrupts or purifies, exalts or downgrades, us brutalized or us refined thanks to its constant, continuous, uniform and insensitive, action as the air we breathe. -Edmund Burke Si, under a narrow questioning a possible jury is forced to admit that it has formed an opinion on a case, is considered unfit to participate in the process. No doubt that this is absurd. The mere fact of having a temporary printing based on the first data that have communicated you does not prove to be a partial referee, but that is only a stupid insensitive-G.K. Chesterton. Life is very simple. One does things. Almost all failing. Some give result. One does more things that give result. If you give very good results, others imitate them immediately. Then you do something else. The secret is to do something else.-Tom Peters democracy is the same as the movement: demonstrates walk, perfected walking, stated in their own progress.

Business Startups

Courage to change for the last great adventure in independence where you can grow together and recognizes the true values of life. Germany is located in structural transformation, which includes all sectors of society. The lack of jobs and the fierce competition in the labour market demand personal initiative of each. Many people are looking for alternative sources of income, to secure their earnings or to improve. Who is considering doing the step towards independence, is quenched mostly due to the high investment and risks of a classic business start-ups. Network marketing, however, opens up a chance at self-sufficiency, which combines clear advantages with small ventures. The German Network Marketing Association (BVNM) has seen the need to the entrepreneur training and more targeted support in individual cases through the suggestions of its members and the evaluation of various economic fundamentals.

For this reason existence founders days were successfully since June 2010 by the BVNM in Berlin and Stuttgart performed. The very positive response and the committed cooperation of the participants have convinced the BVNM to continue this interesting existence founders days; Focuses on the creation of a business plan as well as start-ups out of unemployment, possible support measures and pointing the way to operational Kleinstdarlehn thousand euros. This one – day – events are planned in the period from 10:00 18:00 in Hanover, Karlsruhe, Berlin, Goppingen, Germany, Munich, Duisburg and Salzburg / Freilassing. Are the exact dates hypertext link?Presse.BV? on the Web pages of the BVNM set. The BVNM offers a low-cost starter coaching for them as entrepreneur! Important management areas and dangerous pitfalls of a business start-up discusses them.

For only 59 euro per participant (47 euro for BVNM members) interested by qualified speakers of the BVNM about important bases in four lessons to be informed. The low costs should it potential Enable entrepreneurs or their prospects and their acquaintances, to inform to avoid may be first (expensive) beginner mistakes about their first steps in a self-employment. The BVNM offers more affordable coaching offers and detailed notes to finance grants, financing from 1000 euros for founder. Offers all interested parties to find the BVNM his advice as well as a coaching and help in deciding in the network marketing a successful professional future. Network Marketing Federation (BVNM), the Professional Association for all independent Networkerinnen and networker in the German-speaking world.